Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it

Style is what we are, what we like and what we are comfortable in. We live in a world where having our own identity is important. Coco Chanel once said, “If a woman is badly dressed, it's the dress we'll notice; but if she is impeccably dressed, it's the woman herself we'll notice”.

Style talks, it is a reflection of our attitude and our personality, it makes people believe that each one of us is unique, that each of us is attractive in our own way. We feel confident when we know our look shows our most effervescent and spunky side.

Our college life should be fun, filled with friends and challenges and also good clothes to make hitting the classroom more appealing!  Now-a-days, balancing studies, college work, sports, friends and family has become so stressful that many of us don’t have time for ourselves. But here at KMIT, we have so many versatile students who manage to do all these and still look so charming and stylish at the same time! Here we have, few of our students answering few questions for us and talk about their own style.

1. What is that one piece of clothing you can not live without?

  • My jeans- Vineetha Rachamallu
  • Shirts – Shri Ram
  • Black dresses – Priyanka Engu
  • Black shirts - Siddharth Nanduri

2. Your favourite place to shop is ?

  • I wear whatever fits me well and looks good on me, no particular brands – Vishnu Desai
  • Madame, Allen Solly – Sindhu Valluri
  • Its not always about the brand for me, its about the fabric and design, but if very specific, i like Tommy Hilfiger and Van Heusen – Adarsh Reddy

3.  What kind of tops/shirts do you like?

  • Long tops,kurtis and crop T’s – Meghana Jalama
  • Peplum and sleeveless tops – Chahat Jain
  • Checks shirts and polo T shirts – Sourab Reddy
  • Woollen tops are my favourite, also crop tops - Sindhu Valluri

 4.  What do you like wearing when its too cold outside?

  • I’d prefer wearing a full shirt with a sweater on it – Adarsh Reddy
  • Hoodies or a jacket – Hanish Bhogadi

5.  What would you wear to a friend's birthday party?

  • A nice dress, along with good stilettos and I’d add in a few accessories - Sindhu Valluri
  • Denim jeans and a dark coloured shirt – Shri Ram
  • I'll wear a nice party top and trousers to go with, printed jeans or coloured jeans will also look good – Vineetha Rachamallu

 6.  What would you prefer wearing in summer?

  • T-shirt and shorts – Vishnu Desai
  • Cotton kurtis or tunics – Priyanka Engu
  • Kurtis! I think they're really pretty - Meghana Jalama

 7.  What are your college wardrobe essentials?

  • Colourful leggings and kurtis are a must! – Chahat Jain
  • T shirts and flipflops – Siddharth Nanduri
  • Definitely Light coloured shirts – Sourab Reddy

 8.  Checks, stripes or plain?

  • Plain – Anirudh and Adarsh reddy
  • Checks - Sourab Reddy and Shri Ram

9.  What is your favourite hairstyle?

  • Fish braid and Side braids are also really cute! – Sindhu Valluri
  • Its either loose or tied up into a pony, I like keeping it simple – Vineetha Rachamallu
  • Open hair or loose curls – Chahat Jain

  10.  What are your favourite accessories?

  • Lots of bracelets! And over sized watches are a must! – Meghana Jalama
  • I always wear a watch. Also sling bags  – Vineetha Rachamallu
  • I think smile is best accessory - Chahat Jain

 11. Give us a fashion advice

  • A Black jacket goes with everything – Vishnu Desai
  • Don’t pretend to look like someone else, be yourself – Vineetha Rachamallu
  • Everyday isn’t a festival! Guys should never overdress, plain tshirts, chinos or jeans paired with flipflops should make your day – Adarsh Reddy
  • The best way to experiment is to go through your moms stuff – Meghana Jalama

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