The American action war film directed by Clint Eastwood “American Sniper”. This is a movie based off a true story of a sniper named Chris Kyle. Bradley Cooper portrays Chris Kyle in this film. He does an incredible job. At about half way through the movie I was staring at the screen like, That’s Bradley Cooper Oh my God!. His performance in the movie is very subtle, you can see this rage and fear building up inside of him. There is never really a point when he explodes and that’s probably the most unsettling part about him.
He does an incredible job. Now the other actors in the film did a decent job I didn’t really notice any other stand out performances and there is one part where they show these guys with injuries who have healed up in the hospital and I was pretty sure they were real veterans. I just thought it was pretty cool that they put real guys from the real battle into the film. As far as the vets I am not 100% sure if that’s true but that’s what it seemed like when I was watching.
Was the movie itself any good?
Yes, it is a good movie. Clint Eastwood always directs action very well. So, this movie was serviceable for a normal action director. I thought during the action scenes there are few too many cuts, a few extra shots that didn’t really need to be there but overall it was pretty entertaining action.
There are some fairly intense parts in the movie. There is a character in the film named the Butcher that Chris Kyle is trying to track down and he kills people with a drill. Yeah! that is pretty intense. I thought there were definitely some parts of the film that stretched too long. The movie is 2 hours 12 minutes and it really could have been an hour and 45 minutes long.
Clint Eastwood makes long movies and I love long movies but only when it is necessary to make the movie that long to tell your story. And I don’t think this movie needed as many of a shootout as they put into it. I wished they would have focused a bit more on him as a person. From the trailer it seemed like it was going to be very much about his moral compass, how he thought about killing all these people that he killed. By the way If I didn’t mention it yet, he is the most lethal sniper ever in US history. So from watching the trailer it seemed like the main focus of the story was going to be that and it kind-of is, kind-of! .The story isn’t really about that Bradley Cooper’s performances about that which i guess you could say is a good thing but I was really hoping the story was really gonna focus around him having to make those choices in people’s lives because it was real guy that really did a lot of things that they showed in the film.
Now the first time he killed someone in that movie really solid job, that was cool, like very intense and you could see that it really him.
I don’t really want to get into politics about what my views are about that war so I really just going to keep that out of this review. There are a few parts of the movie where I did check my phone just to see how long we have left not because I was bored just because it was long and I really did enjoy myself. I have seen several longer movies like Interstellar and I think that was a good 15-20 minutes longer but I never checked my phone, I was struck to the screen the entire time. I am not saying that Interstellar is a better film than this.Oh who am I kidding it is a better film. Okay!. It has spacing issues but it is a good film. I don’t think it should have been nominated for the best films of the year and I know there are many films that could easily take its place specifically Nightcrawler. So, I did enjoy this film it fairly dark on a couple of parts, it definitely keeps you entertained, not a sad as the trailer made it look like to be, wasn’t as emotionally hard-hitting as I want it to be but it is a good film.
I wouldn’t say rush out to your nearest theater and watch it but watch it once it’s on DVD or Blu-Ray.

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