Hyderabad is a city filled with history, culture, and vibrant colors. From the iconic Charminar to the stunning Golconda Fort, Hyderabad is a photographer’s paradise. In my opinion, photography here is driven by emotions more than anything. “Biryani, Iranian tea, Chicha, Charminar and pearls” are not just words but emotions for Hyderabadis. The Nawabi lifestyle also adds loads of flavor to the cultural fabric of this majestic city. The grandeur inspires a plethora of artistic activity throughout the city.


In the past, photography was largely limited to traditional mediums such as galleries and exhibitions. Photographers often struggled to gain recognition and exposure for their work, as the industry was highly competitive and dominated by established artists.
With the advent of social media platforms, a direct link was possible between the artist and a global audience. These platforms allowed them to engage with their followers, build a loyal fan base, monetize their work, and seek instant feedback.


With such focal points, photography opportunities currently are plentiful for hobbyists and professionals. The rich culture and heritage are well documented and clicked by several vibrant and talented photographers across Hyderabad. This essay is my effort to feature some of the best photographers on social media. Some of these featured social media trails can be addictive, so proceed with caution!


First on my list is Sainath Krishna, a landscape and travel photographer who loves to capture the beauty of the natural world along with superstructures. Sainath’s photographs are known for their stunning premises and his talent for capturing the essence of a place using his drone. His Instagram feed is a visual feast of beautiful landscapes and seascapes that leaves you wanting more. Every picture is like a pause button that forces you to stop and truly admire it.


Sriram Reddy is a professional photographer specializing in nature and wildlife photography. I believe his work sets him apart through its sharpness and attention to detail. The biosphere around Hyderabad provides ample opportunities for such artists. His social media pages are a great place to see his work and get inspiration for your own nature photography. I loved his clicks from the Mrugavani National Park, which is just a few hours away from the city. They are a visual treat for the mind stuck in a concrete jungle. My next nature trip is definitely going to have loads of inspired photography.


Another talented photographer I appreciate is Durga Shankar, who specializes in street photography. He has a keen eye for capturing candid moments amidst the lives of people in the city. His social media portfolio is like a fascinating window into the city’s culture and people. The beauty of the life captured is priceless and surreal. With every city expanding in a particular way, especially the way Hyderabad is, the dated culture and lifestyle are becoming irrelevant. His efforts towards documenting and preserving this fading culture and way of life are noteworthy.


Pritam is a food blogger and photographer having an eye for capturing drool-worthy and mouth-watering food. His photographs are known for their stunning composition and contrast. He regularly shares his work on Instagram, and his feed is a source of foodgasm for many. I like his approach of clicking long-lost ancient recipes and the latest culinary trends. The blog undoubtedly has some of the best restaurant recommendations for all cuisines. Capturing moments through pictures is truly magical, so don’t forget to flash and click!

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