Broken heel?  Want more to choose from for what you wear? No problem! Here come the world’s first convertible heels which can swap styles and heights just in a push of a button.

TANYA HEATH has solved the problem for who love heels but can not wear them for long periods of time. She is a mastermind in fashion designing and invented these heels without changing the form or composition of the actual shoe.

The 44-year-old has lived and worked in Paris for the last 20 years, and worked in strategy, consulting, technology and private equity. A mum of three, Heath had no  prior professional training and is completely  self-taught. She is a heel lover but can’t manage the pain of wearing them for too long. Once, she nearly had a car accident when her heel locked itself under the brake! After that incident, she began this journey. She fantasized non-stop about a shoe where you could just take the heels off, and that would go from a comfortable low-heel to a high-heel and still look good!
It’s very hard to wear heels for so long. You may face many problems. Even Tanya Heath had a situation which lead to this great invention. Maybe you might have been in a similar situation, like she faced. That’s why it’s a great revolution to wear heels without any pain and with these convertible heels we can now have a great feel in all parties, casual meetings and marriages where we would otherwise have a tough time managing those heels.

Some styles:

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images (5)                                                                          img-thing

images (3)                                                            images (4)                                                             download

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How it works:

So that’s how you can convert a heel into happy casual wear without wasting much time! Just press the button and take off the heel and have a great day with a flat shoe.

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Where can you buy these? —>   (The range depends on the heel you choose)

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