You enter the college and see a lavish red carpet spread out for you and life-size cutouts of actors leading you to the box office. You exchange your food coupons for the refreshments, take a seat and watch a 3-hour show full of laughter, surprises and entertainment. Sounds like a perfect movie night, right? Well, this is what the students of KMIT witnessed on the evening of the 2nd of March. 

KMIT’s annual fest- ‘KMIT evening’, now renamed ‘KMIT Saanjh’ was truly an amazing and fun-filled evening. The theme for this year was ‘silver screen’, making it the first ever theme based event in the college. It was organized entirely by the newly-formed organizing committee, who made sure to spruce up the event like never before.   

The immensely talented students of KMIT performed on a beautiful stage set up in the football ground, decked with lights, speakers and a big LED screen for the huge audience to watch the performances.

There were 4 very melodious musical performances along with an electrifying live EDM mixing which was a perfect contrast to a soft and mellow instrumental music performance. A minute of silence was observed to mourn the Pulwama attack martyrs after which, patriotic songs were sung celebrating the safe return of IAF wing-commander Abhinandan Varthaman. 

There were also two very hilarious stand-up comedy acts that left the audience in splits; not to forget the amazing hosting which ensured that the audience were entertained till the end.

 The evergreen yoga team of KMIT delivered a very graceful and elegant performance. The highlight was their concluding pose depicting the famous scene from Mahabharatha with Krishna and Arjuna on a chariot.

The 8 dance performances of the evening, without a doubt, owned the stage. One solo classical and seven group dance performances were the most awaited for and turned out to be the most cheered-on performances.

 Apart from the performances, there was a photo booth set up in the volleyball ground. Students got together in large numbers to click photographs against the beautiful ‘Saanjh’ backdrop. A dedicated media team captured all these memories throughout the evening, giving the KMITians a full-on red carpet experience. The food stalls in the basketball ground served snacks like popcorn, cotton candy etc; something for everyone to gorge on. The invitations, posters, and food coupons were all exclusively designed for the event as well as the cutouts of Indian cinema characters that were all hand made by the organizers and the art club- aakarshan.


 All in all, Saanjh was one of the most successful events in KMIT. The organizing committee left no stone unturned to give the students a delightful evening. So here’s to one amazing evening and many more to come, kyunki, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!


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