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Nivedita Veera

I love talking to people and the mundane act of mingling. I am terribly afraid of emotional intimacy and crack jokes when placed in a situation that requires genuine feelings.

Editorial – Reboot Edition

Welcome to our first edition of 2024, where we embrace the absence of a theme and where our writers have explored a wide range of topics, each piece a unique expression of creativity. From musings to poetry to philosophies, every… Continue Reading →

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The woe of wooing 

Love — the one thing everyone chases, the thing that looks ever so simple yet intricate, the one thing that is not confined to a single human but to everything that lives and breathes. Let me break this cycle down… Continue Reading →

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History of memes

Bal Mukundass was fundamentally flawed in more ways than one, he knew it, his parents knew it, his ex-girlfriend Sophie knew it, and even the cosmos knew it. The question was, was he going to take constructive baby steps to… Continue Reading →

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A Silent Plea

[Trigger Warning] The following reading contains potentially distressing information about self-harm. The reader is advised to use their discretion to continue reading.   Darkness cocooned her room, her heart twisted, churned, her fingers closed around her throat, nails digging into… Continue Reading →

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The Posthumous Manor

As the night grew darker, enveloping an empty street with mystery and fear, it embraced two college students, Matteo and Ace. Drunk and floundering into the dark alley, they hadn’t realised how far they had wandered until they came across… Continue Reading →

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There wasn’t a soul in sight in the dark alleyway, its contours illuminated by the faint light of the moon. A perfect night for some quiet and speed she thought. Nyx fastened the helmet on her head. She plugged her… Continue Reading →

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The Maharaja’s Expenditure

On 8th October 2020, the Tata group won the bid for Air India for Rs.18000 crores, a far cry from the Rs.2.5 crores, at which it was sold to the Jawaharlal government. Ahh, forgive me, where are my missing manners?… Continue Reading →

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