Ananya Tiwari

I'm a travel enthusiast who refrains from using cringy travel quotes in her bio. Jack of all trades. An optimistic procrastinator; will submit a project due 11:59 pm at 11:59 pm only, not a second early.

An Alternate Ending – The Bell Jar

The city was covered in snow as if a white blanket were placed on it. The fresh scent of vanilla pines made me want to bottle it up; something to remember the asylum by,  besides its people.   A Week:… Continue Reading →

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Of Lost Stories and Missed Trains

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains instances of extreme violence associated with The Partition of India and Pakistan, reader discretion is advised. We returned home from the Gurudwara. I headed towards my room and plopped onto the bed,  shot my head… Continue Reading →

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How K-Pop put South Korea on the map?

What pops into your head when I say “Bangtan”, “Idol” or “Bias”? Gibberish? Well, it certainly isn’t. If you like, most others were influenced by Hallyu -The Korean Wave and are a K-Pop fanatic, these are the words you would… Continue Reading →

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