It was not long ago when I was aspiring for a job and was judiciously attending all the pre-placement training, putting in efforts to perk up my technical skills. These days are indeed very crucial to every student. These days mean not only the end of college but also mark the beginning of a very new, very different life – “the professional life”.

I, being a fourth-year student as well as interning full time at a company, have been through or rather living the two novel worlds. So, I would like to bring out the way your life changes or is about to change once you are all set to join your dream company.

1) You swoon over opulent decors and buildings

I still remember my first day at work and how I was fascinated by the elegance of the place. It was beautifully organized and well maintained with no speck of dust anywhere around. This holds true with almost any established firm.

The agency business is about glitz and glam and bling, and there is a ‘wow’ factor that it wants to have as distinguished clients arrive for meetings.





2) You ought to drop the “sir” and “madam”

Since childhood, we have been told that we address our elders by sir or madam but here in the professional world, everyone is a colleague and you are asked to call them by names. Yes! Be it your 40-year-old manager or a senior you got to call out names or a nickname if any. You scruple about it in the beginning but eventually get used to it.

3) Meetings and Board rooms become a real thing!

Until now, you probably have only heard about meetings or have seen them in movies or so but now it is a daily regimen and it feels amazing to be a part of.

You also meet a lot of people from different parts of the world who you can learn from and discover new insights. Your social life advances and managing it is yet another crucial part of your lifestyle.

4) You understand the importance of a TEAM


At the professional level, everything works in teams. As a student, it is very common to think that we can manage everything very well by ourselves and it would just not be good enough if more people add in. This very typical thought makes a U-turn at work and you see how magically a given work is divided among teams and the outcomes happen to be the best of every single person’s effort thereby making it perfect altogether.

5) You fall in love with coffee/tea

It is not unheard of people in the corporate world to be addicted to beverages like coffee or tea. Trust me, it is a narrow escape!

The cool temperatures and the pressure of deadlines get you ambushed into little breaks for beverages throughout the day.

6) Weekends become holy!

College life bears copious amount of free time and there is always a reason to bunk classes for personal time or just for fun. But at work, there is not much personal time at hand. Yes. That’s true!

Even if you don’t have extremes of work, you still don’t get that generous amounts of free time like you did in college. The only days you can relax or cherish are weekends. Long weekend this month? Let’s plan a trip!

7) Health begins to be a concern

You gorge any junk you feel like while in college and hardly think about its impact on your health. Once you enter the professional world, you notice how everybody is concerned about their health and eating habits and you start thinking about it too – thereby realizing its importance.

You build a sense of duty to take care of your health by managing your lifestyle habits. Be it for staying energetic throughout the day or to maintain the body shape to be at par with others at the office. That is important too, you know!

8) A brighter future

All in all, the transition to the professional world is both a wonderful and challenging experience. It makes you wiser and more poised. It brings an inevitable change in your overall personality.

No matter where you are in your life or what you have achieved or are yet to achieve, it is always important to stay calm and believe in yourself. Self-confidence is the key source of motivation. According to me,success follows motivation. So, keep up the faith in yourself and work hard to follow your dreams and you will surely get the results you deserve!

I wish all the best to all my readers and hope you all have tremendous amount of joy while going through this amazing change into the professional world.

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