“Music is life, it’s a  haven”. I personally say this and feel that  most of  today’s teens have a similar opinion on music. Music has become an inseparable part of  our lives today. Previously, music was something people listened to when they had leisure, but today it is simultaneously played while doing almost anything.

Teens often find their identity with music; it has become an outlet for a few teens and a way to express feelings one can never talk about. We don’t just relate to the music while listening, a few also try to make their own music to find a separate identity.

If used well, music can actually heal a person, and this has been proved by today’s generation who find this word magical when it comes to any disturbance in their lives. Teens who find music with positive messages or soothing sounds appealing, can help themselves relax and feel better.

Academics is also one area where music can improve  students, especially to those who want to pursue their career in music and learn an instrument. Studying music involves mathematics and science, so students often improve in these areas. Not just the musical degree students, I, having had experience, can say that it can make a student focus better.

Music is being produced  all over the world, by every culture. Thus, listening to music will make one know about their culture and one can also have an idea about various flavours around the globe. We can learn musical traditions, musical instruments, history of that culture and more.

Tastes and interests in the same genre of music often bring people together, especially  teens; this can help build up communities. Learning that a person has the same interest as you do can make you build a bond and have a healthy relation between the two. Also, music is also enjoyed publicly, at concerts and dance clubs, where teenagers often hang out.

On the whole, I feel that this five letter word plays the most important role in many of  teenagers’ lives. It’s become an addiction; of benefit for a few and vital to their mood control.

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