Ah stress! The constant companion of any student, which truly amplifies during the festival season. And what’s the worst part of stress? Breakouts. It’s awful having to deal with your skin lashing out on top of all the issues we already have. So when a friend recommended something which would help my skin and provide some fun selfie-fodder, how could I resist? If you want to know what this is, read on.

Sheet masks have been a craze among many celebrities who attribute their glowing skin to this product. But what is a sheet mask? Essentially, it’s a piece of cloth (usually cotton or silk) that is shaped to cover your face and it’s soaked in an essence or serum which have all sorts of wonderful ingredients to make your skin better. One interesting point I observed is that after application of these masks, you don’t need to wash your face! This definitely appealed to the lazy side of me. There’s a huge variety of materials and “flavours” that are available and they target many different concerns. I had the opportunity to review one kind so here’s my thoughts.

Innisfree It’s real squeeze mask – Shea butter:

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I had gone through a particularly rough breakout and my skin felt super dry and tight, so I figured it would be the perfect time to try out the Shea butter mask since the main concern it was targeting was moisture.


The mask comes in a packet and is supposed to be used immediately after opening the packet. The sheet is drenched in a cream-based essence, to the point where some of it remains in the packet (and can be applied to your hands and neck). I followed the instructions mentioned on the back of the packet and then waited for 20 minutes. I also took a bunch of funny pictures and managed to scare my family!

The mask felt cold but refreshing. The fit was fairly good since it managed to cover my face pretty well. Once I took it off, I could understand why people rave about sheet masks so much. This mask definitely lived up to the claims it made and managed to make my skin super soft and moisturized. The effects lasted for about 3 days.

Would I buy it again? : Definitely! It worked well on my skin and considering the fairly low price (Rs.100 per mask) and convenience, It is definitely worth getting again.

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