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At its simplest – a wave,

Otherwise, twisted and intricate.
Sounds sealed in a stave,
Music is rather quite great.

The prodigy on the piano,
The senhor on the sax.
The vixen on her violin,
And an acapella of canine packs.

Jazz is exquisite,
And Rock’s on a roll.
Classics are prerequisite,
and Indie for the soul.

There’s always a tune,
That can light up a room.
Or calm your nerves,
and sway your curves.

Calculus for the cochlea,
From concertos to Coachella,
While our tastes are of much debate,
Music is rather quite great.

(The rotor picture is from a 1903 publication of a slab,depicting an Assyrian Orchestra. The rest is me scribbling.)

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