As predicted everyone lost their inhibitions and came on the dance floor to shake a leg..
But I am getting ahead of myself.Although I couldn’t see the Bathukamma festival I was told by my jubilant  juniors that they had tons of fun.The main event started by around 6 p.m. when the Punjabi Dhol was in full swing.

The college ground was beautifully decorated and the lighting  changed an educational institute into a party venue for a night.

Not that adept at playing dandiya people tended to leave their sticks on the floor in a pile which eventually got scattered and created a lot of “oops” moments…
The first half consisted of traditional dandiya folk songs,which wasn’t much appreciated by KMITians but keeping in mind the occasion it was what was appropriate.
But it was all good fun,and DJ Chandu managed to get in a few fan favorites “Wake me up”-by Avicci was one that I could not help screaming the words to,at the top of my lungs I must add…
Along with many upbeat songs ,we had “Ek Do Teen…” playing which created a sense of lively nostalgia..
A few songs did not go down well with the girls,as it was embarrassing to dance to item numbers like “Dreamum Wakepum”.
I just hope the next time the song list is peer and faculty reviewed….

The faculty seemed to enjoy themselves,breaking the ice of student-teacher relations they broke out of the classroom setting to teach us some retro dance moves…
All in all definitely a night to remember…
With tired feet and a huge smile on their face KMITians left the campus ,to patiently and eagerly wait for an entire year for KMIT Dandiya Night 2015.
A tiny violin plays, for those who will have had their last KMIT Dandiya Night.
The girls grudgingly left by 8:30 envious of the boys who could continue on until 9.
A huge thanks to Sudarshan Murthy Sir,the faculty and the volunteers who took care of student needs ,security and comfort.
Now,here is a video that gives us a glimpse of how awesome the night was:-

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