Half the year has passed by and it’s almost time for the monsoons. This calls for a wardrobe change.

Monsoons are all dull and gloomy but these fashion tricks will help you make your days brighter and


 Colour is a very important aspect while building your wardrobe. All bright colours are a perfect choice for this weather. Yellow, violet, green, pink  are your go-to colours. If you are a person who doesn’t like bright and attention grabbing colours, you can opt for brown or grey. These colours will even help you camouflage those small mud stains formed while walking/travelling on road.

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 This season, ditch those jeans. With unpredictable rains all through the season, staying dry is quite a task. Materials like denims have a tendency to take longer time to dry so try materials

like cotton and silk.



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 Skirts and shorts are ideal in this weather. Long maxis and full length jeans are a big no-no. Cute and comfy shorts paired with some bright top are the way to go. Dresses and kurtis also make a great choice.





 Footwear is as essential as your clothes. Pack those heels, stilettos and leather shoes and bring out the flip-flops and gum boots. Rubber slippers and floaters are also great in this season.

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 Hope these tricks helped you make the right choice.

Stay in vogue!!

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