“What should I wear?”

I am sure most of us are haunted by this question.When we are in college we are really start to develop a fresh wardrobe that will get us through  four years. And since we finally got rid of those boring uniforms its time to flaunt our fashionable side!                                                                                                 College Fashion is considered as the perfect time to explore your style and experiment with your look.

Our personal style is always a work in progress and during college we tend to gravitate towards minimal aesthetic and comfortable fabric.

As we are always carrying our books and laptops, bags are an integral part of our day. Backpacks epitomize student life, leather backpacks or funky looking laptop sleeves are something to look into.

Here are a few must haves in your wardrobe

1. Jeans

Who would have ever thought that a miners uniform will become a fashion trend? Jeans first appeared in in the mid 1950’s and took the fashion industry by storm and ever since they have been reinvented to fit our personal style,right from bell bottoms to torn -jeans.Denims have proved their worth and are here to stay.

2. Formals

Take it from me, guys look their best in formals. We don’t want to see someone with the bird-nests(Mohawks) and baggy shirts.

3. Kurtis

Embrace the decadent magnificence of Indian culture and include it in your college wardrobe.Kurtis and Chudidhaars bring in the ethnic side of your fashion.

Plain white shirts are an absolute classic and always have a moment. It’s quietly charming and  beautiful and could be aptly paired with a sweater  to create a relaxed work outfit. Adding a  little sparkle to your regular work wear is a quick and easy way to spice things up.

And the colors?

Adding a bit of my opinion – MONOCHROME!

Monochrome madness is not over yet!Turns out, I’m not the only one! *sings like Sam Smith* This classic combination is finding its way everywhere – from runways to the streets. And since you are in this outfit for the most part of the day, keep the accessories to a minimum.

-Fawn Necklaces are just too cute to let go.

-Mini Rings



The summer floral bag is perfect for a long day out and breaks the monotony of the outfit.

The Sun is out and its time to say goodbye to the winter blues and embrace Monday mornings with a bang!

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