quote-o-wilde-to-live-is-the-rarest-thing-in-the-world-most-people-exist-www-quotespictures-com“To live is the greatest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”
– Oscar Wilde

When in graduating year, you hear one question the most,  “How were these four years in college?  “. It is not hard to answer this question. I can get away with saying, “Yeah, it was great!” or “I couldn’t ask for anything better”,  but I’d only be giving you an unjust answer to an incomplete question. We do not remember all these four years nor will we remember any four years of our life to that detail anyway. The truth is we only remember moments in these four years. When we reminisce these moments, we relive them and cherish it all. These are those times when you were , in actual sense,  living.

However, I find myself  day dreaming in between a lecture and every now and then, I snap back to do a reality check, and slip away to day dreaming effortlessly. These are those times when I was merely existing. Existing doesn’t need any effort. Existing is how lifelessness looks like in an environment which stimulates response. Objects exist , not us. Before these four years fly away, keep asking yourself, “Am I living or existing?”, “Am I doing justice to this passing minute which I will never get back?”  The only reason I intend to ask you this question is because only by “living” can you make memories.

College has always been a reflection of the people who constitute it, and it always will be. If more and more people choose living over existing, the intellectual activity around us increases, thereby increasing opportunities. The way I see it, “kMITRA” is the embodiment of this philosophy. When we brain stormed a motto for our magazine, it was necessary that we carry a unified message for all branches from all batches. The team,  as they would agree with me, found it hard to think of ideas, let alone integrate them with others and evolve into better individuals through collective effort. The three challenges we faced all through out ended up being the motto of our platform.

” Think. Integrate. Evolve. ”
is the motto of kMITRA

This edition, when you read an article, give yourself a moment and think of all the hard work each author puts in to do justice to their article. It is the individual’s contribution which makes each of our editions unique in it’s own way. This time, the edition is dedicated to all final year students. The Farewell Page interviews handpicked seniors and I urge everyone to read it and know what the final year students have to say about their own KMITian experience. Our take on “The Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice” satisfies the way we all comprehended the movie and it’s role in the DC universe.  We now have a new perspective on the EU crisis. We have a restaurant, “China Bistro”, reviewed for you as well.

To all those who are still confused about the magazine logo, it represents in the tricolor that technology and life must go hand in hand and that the youth holds the key to a sustained balance between them. Let us realize our goals using technology but don’t let technology become our ultimate goal.
To all KMITian readers, working with kMITRA has been uplifting for me in every way and I strongly suggest everyone to be part of it. It’s not just about writing articles but it’s what you learn in the process that counts. All these years, our actions were driven by strong convictions. I am positive that there will always be room for more and that it certainly helps you build a holistic profile. I trust that our team is capable enough to guide you through our platform and help you discover the potential within you.

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