If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is an Indian soldier.

69 years of independence, 69 years of hope, victories, desires and disasters. We have been part of some of the greatest milestones in the world’s history. We have also been a part of some of the biggest tragedies. From being entitled as one of the most peaceful nations to fighting some of the deadliest wars, we’ve seen them all.  But through all of this, one force was binding us together, building us every time we broke, uplifting us every time we fell and rescuing us every time we were in danger.

Yes! I’m talking about our Indian Soldiers, about all those great men who sacrificed their today for our peaceful tomorrow. About all those men who put service before self, of all those unacknowledged heroes and their unsung stories. It is so unfortunate that those who need to be idolized are being ignored and those who need to be revered are being pushed into oblivion.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those heroes for their unaccounted sacrifices and unseen heroic deeds.

Thank you for fighting for our lives.

We will never be able to repay you.

Thank you for those sleepless nights.

We will always be grateful to you.

Thank you for every drop of blood you shed.

We will always remain indebted to you.

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