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intuitive.spaghetti is my pasta type

Game Changers (AI version)

Love sport and games and consider yourself highly competitive? Read on to find out more about the incorporation of AI in the field of sports and gambling!

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Cinematic escapes: summer movie recommendations

What is a more fun way of spending time other than watching a good movie on a holiday? There’s just something about summer that makes a good film great and a great film unforgettable. But it can be hard to… Continue Reading →

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To All the Lays’ I’ve Loved Before

When I was asked to give an account of my top three Lay’s flavors, I thought it was easy. Well, trying to figure it out has been a ride. In the process of coming to the said conclusion, I tried… Continue Reading →

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The Reel of Upbringing

Comfort space is personal to every individual. It allows you to be yourself and cherish the moments as they are with no judgment whatsoever. As for me, movies and music do the job. Speaking about movies, I have been exposed… Continue Reading →

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