When I was asked to give an account of my top three Lay’s flavors, I thought it was easy. Well, trying to figure it out has been a ride. In the process of coming to the said conclusion, I tried out multiple flavors which I wasn’t aware of. I was under the notion that they’d eventually grow on me, but I realized the flavors I’ve been eating since I was a kid are the best. The classic green, blue, and orange Lay’s are my go-to trio.


Although the standard ten rupees Lay’s packet satisfies nobody’s hunger, it is still being consumed for the impeccable flavor it offers. The crunchy texture and the mouth-watering flavors are an irresistible temptation. Looking back at my childhood, the snacks I consumed the most would be Lay’s because what could go wrong with them?


I’m sure I am not the only one who associates Lay’s with the color of its packaging and let me take this opportunity to throw light upon the actual names of my top three which are Magic Masala (blue), West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ sweet Chilli (orange) and everybody’s favorite Calm Cream and Onion (green). Well, the Cream and Onion is pretty basic and quite an obvious pick. The sweet-ish tinge of onions and the cheesy and cream-ish texture it has been definitely why this one makes it to the top three. Did you ever try having Lay’s with a cheese dip? No, right? That’s what this flavor offers. The perfect choice for your cheese cravings.


Until very recently I was always under the impression that there is nothing that could beat the green Lay’s but then, orange Lay’s entered with its surprising blend of flavors. As for the visual aspect, it looks pretty simple and for someone who’s trying it for the first time, they would be expecting something rather mild and boring. Well, there is nothing that we love more than surprises and that is exactly what the West Indies’ Hot ‘n’ Sweet Chilli brings to the table. Among its vast blend of flavors, onion, ginger, and sweet chili are the ones that stand out. Orange lays are what I resort to because they can add some interesting flavors to the extremely bland bottle gourd curry I am sometimes forced to have for lunch.


Initially, I was very skeptical about trying the very popular Magic Masala since I’m not a huge fan of bold and spicy flavors. Still, I ultimately gave into the peer pressure and tried the blue Lay’s that I once assumed to be overhyped. There was magic in my mouth and it has become my favorite ever since. The Magic Masala is a very popular choice because the flavors it offers are as Indian as they can get. The blast of flavors right in the first bite of the chip is what makes this flavor very unique and popular. The mix of dry mango, coriander, pepper, red chili, and several other Indian herbs are all very evident here. I once tried it as a side with piping hot
sambhar and trust me it tasted like heaven.


It takes a brave person to own up to liking the Classic yellow Lay’s. I am looked at as someone boring, who lacks taste, particularly for this choice of mine. The yellow Lay’s are simple and ridiculously underappreciated since it is an extreme contrast to the strong flavors mentioned above. The salt seasoning is very delicate and soothing. I’d prefer bingeing on this to any other flavor. It is my go-to snack when “something savory yet crunchy and not too strong” is needed. It’s a “classic” because it is the origin of the potato chip and I think it deserves this special mention.


Though it was hard deciding the top three, it was fun watching my peers trying to help me do it. At a point, it had become the only topic of conversation among us and I’d be lying if I said we didn’t break into an argument once or twice. I’d also like to give myself credit for rubbing off my amazing taste on them, as they are starting to develop a liking towards some of my favorites. Just a little advice here, in case you want to bribe any of them, try treating them to a packet of their favorite flavor (it worked for me).

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