To those looking for the ultimate smart phone that ticks all the boxes and doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket, Motorola G is what you have been waiting for. Motorola after a long time is set to launch an Android device in India. The Google owned company has priced it very aggressively costing only 179$ in the US.

Moto G

Converting that to Indian price puts it in the 10K bracket. Though a budget Smartphone it packs some decent specifications. 4.5″ 720p HD LCD display 1.2Ghz Quad Core processor 1Gb Ram 8/16 GB storage options These are pretty low-mid range specs but are more than enough considering its price. Motorola promised a KitKat update to the Moto G by January. KitKat(4.4) is the latest version of Google’s popular mobile operating system which is capable of running smoothly on low end hardware. Moto G will get a good boost in performance when KitKat hits. Since this is a budget device they had to make some cuts for instance there is no NFC chip. Doesn’t support Wi-Fi ac (Latest standard of Wi-Fi).But these might not be of use to someone looking for a budget device. Its price margin puts it directly up against the likes of Galaxy s Duos and Lumia 520.The Moto G is leagues better than Samsung S duos but will it compete against the Lumia 520 as Windows has a formidable reputation for running flawlessly on low end hardware.

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