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Movie Edition 2022

Take 53 – Of Tales and Talkies

It feels like just a week ago when the internet was bombarded with memes of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. Ah, what a moment. The Cannes Film Festival too ended just recently, leaving us waiting for… Continue Reading →

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A Childhood Dream

Did your 8-year-old self ever wish for that awesome Pixar movie that you watched, and you watched, then you watched again, to be real? Because I did!  I had a dream. I wished I was a car so that I… Continue Reading →

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Why I don’t like my childhood favorite movie anymore

Indian Cinema is an ill-structured thing with pleasing aesthetics and flawed characters. The dialogue  “Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota” sums up precisely what part of Indian Cinema is problematic. While watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai this week, I saw problems… Continue Reading →

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The Perversion of “Propaganda”

“Propaganda” in present-day English, refers to information or media (especially of biased or misleading nature) that is used to manipulate the audience to further an agenda. If you hear the word propaganda, it immediately alerts you to look out for… Continue Reading →

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The Posthumous Manor

As the night grew darker, enveloping an empty street with mystery and fear, it embraced two college students, Matteo and Ace. Drunk and floundering into the dark alley, they hadn’t realised how far they had wandered until they came across… Continue Reading →

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All Is Well

Many of us might look back at the time we spent in school with nostalgia and fond memories. But most will also agree that it wasn’t the happiest of places with long and monitored study hours, heavy bags full of… Continue Reading →

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The Dark Side Of Systemic Faith

Faith has always been considered as one of the most inherently pure and pious things, across any and every religion and every school of a belief system based on the concept of God. That is probably because every single one… Continue Reading →

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“Hand me the gun and don’t move a muscle”, an injured Shankar Narayan whispers to his son, while they take cover under an old Contessa. The little boy does exactly as his father says, his hands trembling, desperately trying to… Continue Reading →

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Do you think you’re perfectly neutral?

The scene opens in a jury room, where a decision is to be taken on the death sentence of a man accused of murder. After voting, each juror explains why they feel the accused is guilty or not guilty. One… Continue Reading →

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The Magical Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna. A man whose legacy lives on to this day. Most modern-day drivers look up to him. He has won 41 Grand Prix in 162 races, has been on the podium 80 times, and has won the world drivers championship… Continue Reading →

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An aye for an I

Two things have always fascinated me as a child- words and crosswords. Which word should I say? How do I say it? Can it, in its barely ten letters, hardly three syllables, carry the whole meaning of what I want… Continue Reading →

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Castle of broken dreams

Yeh mehlon, yeh takhton, yeh taajon ki duniya the world of these palaces, thrones, and crowns Yeh insaan ke dushman samaajon ki duniya the world of multitude enemies of mankind Yeh daulat key bhookhey rawajon ki duniya the world of… Continue Reading →

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Mayabazar, a movie from the future

The lockdown, for most of you, was the most boring time of my life. Six months of staying at home didn’t do me any good apart from the fact that it brought me and my dad closer by giving us… Continue Reading →

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Wings to Fly

“Har bacche ki apni khoobi hoti hain, apni kaabiliyat hoti hain, apni chaahat hoti hain”, said Nikumbh in the famous movie – Taare Zameen Par which translates to “Every Child has his own talent, potential and wants”. As a child,… Continue Reading →

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