Editorial- August 2018

“Think. Integrate. Evolve.” is our motto, here at kMITRA. Breaking out of the established patterns, with creativity as our tool, we present, a very special edition that represents both change and hope. Working our way step-by-step, towards improving every aspect… Continue Reading →

A Dinner to Remember

“Don’t forget to eat your food sweetie!” “Oh, How could I? Since you nag me about it all the time”, she replied with an irritated tone. Jennifer. A young, 16-year-old girl, by all accounts, was a rebellious teen in the… Continue Reading →

Revival 2.0

The finality of death has often disrupted the human notion of negotiation, simply because life is non-refundable, unexchangeable and every customer is allowed only up to one purchase. This reasoning has convinced us to perceive death as a single event… Continue Reading →

The Greatest Curse of All Time

It was a typical cold Russian evening but the heat was on in Kazan Arena where France took on Argentina in the round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup 2018. France was the clear favorite, with a dream team… Continue Reading →

In the Shadows

A certain question that we all come across very often is – “What is your goal in life?” In general, there are many answers to this question, but from an athlete’s point of view, the immediate response would be winning… Continue Reading →

Nanette Review

Netflix, a disruptive force in the streaming industry, has shown that it knows how to capture the attention of today’s varied audience; hook, line, sinker. Netflix has so far managed to maintain the diversity of its content as it adds… Continue Reading →

Animals Have Feelings Too!

It was the year 2016, a mother had just given birth to eight beautiful children and her joy knew no bounds! Within a fortnight, she watched as her babies were flung across the road and how their little heads shattered… Continue Reading →

KMIT Faculty Excursion

More often than not, we underestimate the efforts that our lecturers put into teaching and managing us. And just like us, they too deserve a day off from their hectic schedules, to lay back, relax and simply enjoy. And such… Continue Reading →

Dead Beautiful

  “And when one of them meets with his other half…the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy, and one will not be out of the other’s sight…even for a moment: these are the people… Continue Reading →


Welcome traveler, to my humble dwelling. Escape the unforgiving weather, quench your thirst and rest your back. Take a break from your great journey, for the path you have chosen, is a harsh one. What is this place you ask?… Continue Reading →

Self Help 101 : How to deal with peer pressure?

Consider this scenario, your friends want to check out a new restaurant and ask you to join them. You decline, considering the fact that you have your finals the next day. An ideal situation should end here, with your friends… Continue Reading →

Brahma’s Bhram

I stand on the shore with you, dear reader, as a wave approaches us. We anticipate its arrival, while our feet are buried deep in the warmth of wet sand. We see the horizon as well, where the sun meets… Continue Reading →

Mother on Duty

Mrs Tripathi sat on the sofa after her supper. She lived alone most of the year. Her husband had died eight years ago and her son was in the Indian army. She wasn’t aware of his exact whereabouts, but she… Continue Reading →

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