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The New Year’s issue

The World In Your Eyes

Droplets of golden sun tickle green leaflets Dancing to the sun’s melody over the tree. From afar it’s a natural, but a closer look reveals That in the dew drop I see both you and me. So much is this… Continue Reading →

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P.K – All or None?

PK (not an acronym!) is an alien who is robbed of his remote controller and so he sets out on a journey to retrieve his lost possession. The way he evolves throughout the journey forms the story-line of PK.  … Continue Reading →

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BTW Baba

Q)  Already, 1st mid exams are over and my performance is below expectation. Keeping in view 2nd & 3rd mids and final exams, any extra classes are there for revision of the syllabus? Any concentration on the students getting low… Continue Reading →

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Winter-inspired body lotion

10 Things Every KMITian can Expect from 2015

10 Things Every KMITian can Expect from 2015 1. JNTU will start giving sensible question papers and results I’d rather let’s pray, that JNTU will give us those Marks we deserve at least from following semester on wards. 2.Microsoft will… Continue Reading →

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Here’s a joke that was doing rounds on the internet sometime back: Two trucks loaded with thousands of copies of High School Grammar & Composition by Wren and Martin collided as they left a publishing house last Thursday. Witnesses were… Continue Reading →

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Little did I know

With mind full of chaos, entering the gates of the college came the sight of the green plants signalling the goodness of the campus and indeed my future. As I was rode towards the pavilion with my friend, I didn’t know… Continue Reading →

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What has happened to today’s mankind, where have the colours of LOVE faded??? What wretched time is this!!! There is a battle between brothers,somewhere there is blood and somewhere there is blaze. Who knows what is about to happen!! Everyone’s… Continue Reading →

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Step into 2k15 in style!

Now that we have come to the end of an amazing year, it’s time we celebrate the finale and kick off the new year in aplomb and style! So why not begin with a ravishing fresh look this year. The trends this… Continue Reading →

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Net Neutrality

Internet is a global system of interconnected networks that connects billions of devices, both wired and wireless, enabling billions of people across the world. The internet is so huge and so powerful that it its utility is unique to each… Continue Reading →

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Nobel was never quite so Noble

One, a child rights activist, the other, a Taliban attack survivor.

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Confidence and Clothes

Confidence and clothes- a lethal combo.

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Houston, we have a problem. It’s 2015!

Whoosh. That’s the sound 2014 made when it passed by. Amidst two semesters, placements and the watchmen’s whistles, 2015 is already staring at us. We stumbled, dragged and sleepwalked our way through the semester exams. Like, yours truly. Then there… Continue Reading →

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