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Moonlighting- Double Money, Double Risk

The corporate industry is notoriously famous for having the highest pay grade difference for employees working in the same company at different levels doing the same or similar jobs. This difference attracts several young engineers and management graduates into this… Continue Reading →

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All Is Well

Many of us might look back at the time we spent in school with nostalgia and fond memories. But most will also agree that it wasn’t the happiest of places with long and monitored study hours, heavy bags full of… Continue Reading →

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Tattoos and ties

I was watching yet another exciting season of Mirzapur with my friends when my grandfather said the most typical thing, “How do you guys watch these web series loaded with action and abuse? Our time had the best movies which… Continue Reading →

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Nature’s “BLINK”

It was New Year’s Eve of 2019 and another seemingly ordinary year for me was coming to an end with a breathtaking view. The sun was presiding over the majestic hills of Nuwara Eliya, giving the stratus clouds a candy-like… Continue Reading →

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Found purpose? Means will follow

Every time my dad and I go on a long drive, we always tend to have serious discussions that range from my career choices to a wrong selection in the Indian cricket team for an important match. On one particular… Continue Reading →

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