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Shreya Gandhe

Just a bibliophile wanting to share her thoughts and opinions.Not too cool but not a geek too just a plain simple me.

Broken Promise

2nd February 2000 Dear Diary, Ugh! Waking up early every single day to attend school is so annoying. I wish we didn’t have school and exams so that I can enjoy myself at home all day long. But that can’t… Continue Reading →

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The R’s of a Psychological Thriller

Who doesn’t like a good psychological thriller? There is no pre-defined age as to who finds them entertaining. Everyone enjoys an engaging thriller book or a movie once in a while. It gives us a rush and always keeps us… Continue Reading →

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Innovation at its peaks

We’ve heard quotes all our lives, some useful, some motivational, and some life-altering. If we define them in a mathematical sense, they are like axioms. There is no proof of them being true what so ever. Only experiencing them on… Continue Reading →

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10 Years of Innocence

Happiness, pure and unadulterated happiness is experienced during the first few years of a person’s life. Though crying is the very first emotion a child displays upon taking birth they bring joy to people around them. Small details that are… Continue Reading →

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Honor Killing

Trigger Warning: This article contains information about violence. From speaking our first words to passing out from college, from crawling to standing on our own feet, family has always been there to support and guide us. They provide us with… Continue Reading →

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What if?

The following article has spolier alerts from the book “The shadow of the wind” written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. “And they lived happily ever after “. Every time a book comes to an end and every time we read its… Continue Reading →

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Radiate love, with colour!

‘Holi Hai!’ rings a bell, doesn’t it? It obviously will since Holi is considered as one of the most revered festivals of India, celebrated in almost every part of the country. Holi is celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good… Continue Reading →

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Am I who my music says I am?

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the seemingly simple syllables actually form the basis of Indian classical music. They hold a significant role in the very creation of music. A whole new world hides behind it and the more you explore… Continue Reading →

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How to be a ‘Man’

When asked about the time of life that people enjoy most, the answer usually received is- the time they have spent at college. Little do they know, that not everybody’s college life is hearts and flowers. I, am a living… Continue Reading →

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Dead Beautiful

  “And when one of them meets with his other half…the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy, and one will not be out of the other’s sight…even for a moment: these are the people… Continue Reading →

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Types of Kmitians This Summer

Letting go of the scorching summer heat and embracing monsoon with open hands, the teens are yet to start another academic year. Some eager, some bored, some filled with anticipation and others with dread to say goodbye to their freedom…. Continue Reading →

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Superstitions Vs Reality

A pleasant morning after experiencing a never-ending stroke of heat, a trip planned, a bag packed and I was all set to seize the day. Just as I stepped outside the threshold, a black cat crosses my way. “Wait up!!”,… Continue Reading →

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a cinder-black revenge comedy? The British-Irish filmmaker and playwright Martin McDonagh certainly experienced a breakthrough with his recent release. Capturing everyone’s hearts and minds, it has earned itself four Golden globes and has grossed $111 million… Continue Reading →

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Dream or not a dream?

    The word night sounds so dark, seems like the world is wrapped in a piece of cloth. But stars shimmering ever so brightly, sprinkled around the sky illuminating lightly. The wind humming a silent tune, forming a perfect… Continue Reading →

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A Journey Of Land Through Mythical Creatures

A Journey through Land of Mythical Creatures Hidden in the dark, away from our sight, are many secrets yet to be unveiled. Sharpen your gaze and be ready to get blown away along this journey to explore some mythical creatures…. Continue Reading →

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Twin Telepathy

Have you ever faced  physical trouble and felt paranoid on finding that your sibling was facing the same physical trouble at the same time? All of you might not have experienced this but this can commonly be spotted among twins…. Continue Reading →

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