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Ayo ladies and gentlemen. I am Meghana Palakodeti. I have no favourite colour and I like to write. Hope you like to read what I write!!! ^o^ Stay fabulous~ xoxo

What Makes A Survivor

Stories are written by the survivors. But what did they do to survive? How did they survive? And what stories do they have to offer? Now to understand a survivor we need to break them down first. See what they… Continue Reading →

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The Pro in Productivity (and Procrastination)

A few minutes before the alarm goes off at 4 am The birds are still asleep in their nests as I stare at the digital alarm clock, waiting for it to ring. One could say that I might be classified… Continue Reading →

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The Decade at a Glance

As the year 2011 rolled in the world population hit 7 billion. Leonardo DiCaprio finally won a well deserved Oscar and for the first time in history, a man married a software. Here is a list of 19 events that… Continue Reading →

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A Lesson Not Learnt

The following are the journal entries of a procrastinator who is supposed to write an article for their college magazine. >>20th September 2019 Okay, so I’ve got two weeks to write this article which is way more time needed than… Continue Reading →

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Why Not Forever?

The Webster dictionary defines immortality as ‘exempt from death’ or ‘exempt from oblivion’. What’s the big deal about immortality? You have all the time in the world to do whatever you want, to eat as many plates of biryani as… Continue Reading →

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Our SIH Journey – Smart India Hackathon winners 2019

While most of the times curiosity kills the cat, this time it brought the best out of it. Our decision to take part in the Smart India Hackathon was purely out of curiosity born from whispers we heard about it…. Continue Reading →

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The Day Alexandria Stood Still

Alexandria. A beautiful port city located North of Egypt on the shores of the Mediterranean and named after its founder, ‘Alexander the Great’ in 330 BC. Knowledge is power and who would know better than the great conqueror Alexander, who… Continue Reading →

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Fiction Vs Fanfiction

“As he holds you in his arms and looks at you like you hold all the secrets of the universe, you get lost in his dark dreamy eyes as the world around you disappears.” Too fake? Unrealistic? No one you… Continue Reading →

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Welcome traveler, to my humble dwelling. Escape the unforgiving weather, quench your thirst and rest your back. Take a break from your great journey, for the path you have chosen, is a harsh one. What is this place you ask?… Continue Reading →

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Colours Around Us

The living world has been ceaselessly evolving and will be till the end of time. Humans are inherently complex species with inexplicable thoughts and emotions and to assume that nature would be so straight in creating people whose goal is… Continue Reading →

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The Hunt

I like how you smile knowing I can see you. I like how you laugh knowing I can hear you. I like how you try to forget knowing I can feel you. But most of all I love how you… Continue Reading →

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PHASE I – Eternal Beauty, LOST

Once upon a time, long long ago, our world was pretty similar to what we see now. There was a sun, stars, mountains, oceans, deserts and everything we see around us, though it wasn’t quite the same. The waters were… Continue Reading →

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Give me something to forget, To forget the world around me.   Pull me out of this reality, Lie to me, Delude me.   Give me something to make me feel good, Be it happiness or a twisted sense of… Continue Reading →

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In a world where happiness is not our default emotion, where choices are a double edged blade, where there is a hidden devil in every single one of us, waiting to jump out and mark its claim. A place where… Continue Reading →

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