Krishna Chaitanya Addanki

I love short stories and can talk about philosophy for eternity.

From A Jew Who Did Not Make It

[Trigger Warning] The following reading contains potentially distressing information about murders, violence, and brutality in relation to Nazi practices. Reader discretion is advised.   Have you heard of me? Of course, you haven’t. I am neither a Jew who survived… Continue Reading →

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We Are Anonymous!

Trigger Warning: The following reading contains information about racism, brutality, homophobia, and child sexual abuse. Readers’ discretion is advised.   During the Black Lives Matter protests, which began as a response to the unfair killing of George Floyd by a… Continue Reading →

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A Tribute To Every Hero

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War and Pain

It’s the summer of 1917. The kids should be playing in the sunflower fields, while Rachel should be preparing sandwiches under the trees. However, they are probably hiding in the basement, praying. The last letter from her told me that… Continue Reading →

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