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’twas a ‘Ruff’ Day

Scout, the German Shepherd and Tyson, the Golden Retriever-two dogs, two best friends, two goofy guys who spend all day pulling off shenanigans and laughing at their owners who have no idea what they’re up to. It was a normal… Continue Reading →

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Shave, Shape And Style!

From the early ages, where it was grown primarily for warmth, to the modern days where it indicates masculinity and vigor, the beard has evolved into one of the dominant fashion factors for men. Although a man’s masculinity includes his… Continue Reading →

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Summer Superheroes

For all the Marvel geeks out there, this summer has been the most anticipated and also a little heart-breaking, to be honest. It all started with Black Panther which released in February and has become one of the highest grossing… Continue Reading →

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Five Languages, Five Masterpieces

From a list of about 92 submissions for the Foreign Language Category, it was a challenging task for the Academy to finally cut it down to these five spectacular movies: On Body and Soul, Loveless, A Fantastic Woman, The Square, The Insult…. Continue Reading →

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Kokkoku- A Review

Kokkoku, meaning “Moment by moment” in Japanese, is considered one of the most engaging anime series in horror-drama-mystery genre which started this January, by most of us anime enthusiasts. The story casually starts when a 22 year old girl Juri… Continue Reading →

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Why I Write

“Writing is a painting of the Voice”In a world where real conversations are replaced by text messages, I dream about expressing my thoughts to someone.In a world where laminated family photographs are replaced by selfies confined to our phones, I… Continue Reading →

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Time Warp

“Mike, wake up!” Alex shook me so hard that I finally woke up. “What up?” I yawned, rubbed my eyes and slid the blanket away from me. “You’ve got to see this, man!” Alex spoke with such a horror on… Continue Reading →

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Arjun Reddy – When Anger Meets Love

What happens when anger, alcohol, and drugs take over a person? We have the answer and the answer is Arjun Reddy. The debut work of  Sandeep Vanga, the director of the film, made a jaw-dropping first impression as he swooped… Continue Reading →

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Winter Is Here!

Attention : Spoilers ahead! When the snow falls and the white wind blows, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Since the first season of the nail-biting series, we’ve been listening to the phrase Winter Is Coming from many… Continue Reading →

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What To Wear This Summer?

To all the pretty girls and cool guys out there, now that the summer’s here, feel free to restyle your outfits that match the weather and your gorgeousness. To help you find your favorite clothing, below is a  collection which… Continue Reading →

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Review: Manchester By The Sea

A Kenneth Lonergan’s masterpiece “Manchester By The Sea” has the theme of persistent grief and a hope of redemption. It is a beautifully textured drama about how a death in a family forces a small town guy to confront the… Continue Reading →

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An Evening To Remember

“And the Captain finishes off with a six!” the match ended against Australia and Amogh was celebrating the moment jumping off the couch and giving the air punches. The moment his father entered the hall, he became stiff, not knowing… Continue Reading →

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May the luck be yours on Halloween.” Straddling the line between fall and winter, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. Being the second most commercial holiday after Christmas, it is a… Continue Reading →

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Jai Hind

“To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag.” The cold wind blowing, the birds chirping and the scent of fresh mud made this Friday evening of summer feel different from… Continue Reading →

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