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Akshay Chandra L

Indian Festivals – Is the definition changing?

India – the country of festivals, the country where people celebrate to thank the Gods, the country where all classes of people come together to cherish the very purpose of life. Festivals give a ray of hope to the working… Continue Reading →

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Let us “Python”

Any undergrad pursuing Engineering has to know some powerful programming languages languages like C# and Java, faster languages like C, or at least about the fact that they exist. But one more powerful language has joined the list of late…. Continue Reading →

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Finishing School, Beginning Life

Final year, the most important year to an Engineering student, to any UG for that matter. It’s not just about ‘graduating this year’, it’s more than that. It involves emotions, plans, expectations and many life changing decisions. Seems like everything escalated… Continue Reading →

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Interview with Aneesh Jajodia

Although the meaning of ‘being awesome’ is different for different people, everyone wants to be the awesome guy. Everyone wants to do something more than the routine, something beyond convention, something ‘awesome’. But only a few, dedicated and hard working get… Continue Reading →

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Basketball Tournament 2k15

Sports are very important in our lives. They say it can make life happy and relaxing. How is something physically tiring and mentally challenging called relaxing? Well, a lot of factors add up in a life of a sports person…. Continue Reading →

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Interview: Vikram Aditya and his ShadeS

Music ! Music is the key to creativity. Its the universal language. It makes people from different parts of the world come together. It makes education enjoyable. Maybe that’s why we remember the poems and rhymes more than those tiring… Continue Reading →

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Cloud Computing – The Pros and The Cons

Cloud Computing – it’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere. Some believe it’s the future. They say if you aren’t taking advantage, you could probably be left behind. So,what is it? Well, Cloud computing is a reference to computing resources, (like… Continue Reading →

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Reviving KMIT Radio

‘With the raise of his hand, no one dares make a peep, this is live. During the 20-second countdown, Sunny glances quickly around the desk that surrounds him, checking every blinking light and fader. He gets comfortable in his chair… Continue Reading →

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