It’s that time of the year again where snuggling into the duvet feels oh-so-good! Granted, we didn’t have the best weather this year but let’s make the most of what we’ve got and judging from how my nose feels right now I think it is safe to say that WINTER has arrived!

Sweater weather!

The long sleeves which have been sitting in the back of your closet gathering dust should finally be out. This is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year, weather wise & fashion wise. The parties get more jovial, the weather gets nippy and you can safely begin to layer your clothes! Winter is a time where we love being cozy and comfortable with what we wear and this is perfect for those lazy days where you just don’t want to take the effort.

Here are a few winter looks that can never go wrong :

1. Sweaters (duh!)
Basically anything long enough to snuggle your fingers underneath and be a happy soul! Here’s how you can make them more appealing

-get an oversized sweater and let the aura of snugness spread around
-add a collar or wear a collared shirt underneath to give it a more sophisticated look
-layer a chunky scarf on top for a weekend casual look.
-add a statement necklace to give it a boost in the evening

2. Hoodies
Hoodies are foolproof garments when it comes to warmth and comfort. The trick that makes hoodies work is layering.

-layer it with a t-shirt or a sweater vest
-team it up with jeans or cozy leggings and you are good to go!
-you can also team it up with beanies and scarves

3. Cropped Knits

From slouchy knitted cardigans to toughly shredded pullovers, there’s something for anyone that’s looking for a warm cover-up this time of the year. The cable knit sweater is an age old classic that’s undeniably preppy and that’s why it is so fun to reinvent it to fit our own personal style. If the Christmas spirit is creeping upon you, you need to get your hands on over sized Christmas jumpers!

4. Socks
And this does not mean you need to put on the boring old black and dark blue ones. If winter isn’t the time to go crazy on garish, cute and colorful socks then when is the perfect time? It’s okay to go a little overboard on these because – lets be real – they keep your happy little feet nice and cozy. If you feel too festive try getting the snowman or reindeer socks!

5. Boots
It’s time to put those flip-flops back in the shelf and bring out boots and shoes. You can try  over-the-knees, or riding shoes or simply put on those old converse ones. To keep your look more neat and clean go for simple leather Dr.Martens. To get a funky chic look try on the neon shades of green,purple,red,orange converse.

COLORS – the colors you need to try out this winter!

No silly..we are not abandoning black, it is a major winter color. But here are few others and every color has its story

-Sangria, an exotic red with a touch of pink that evokes a sense of glamorous adventures

-Aurora Red, a more sophisticated shade that adds verve and spark

-Mauve Mist, a romantic and elegant purple shade, reminds us of the deco era and an enhanced sense of empowerment

-Radiant Orchid, a captivating and adaptable shade that enchants the entire spectrum

-Royal Blue and Bright Cobalt to compliment the seasonal blues

-Cognac, a classy cultured brown takes a typical fall color to sumptuous realm, making the shade unexpectedly ideal for evening wear

and adding a bit of sunshine, Misted Yellow alludes to the promise of spring to come.

As the air outside gets crisp and cold your skin starts to dry. I
t’s really important to hydrate your skin using a moisturizer or body butter. Cold makes your lips all dry and chapped so using a chapstick or a lip-balm is never wrong! As catching a cold is very common, use alcohol free sanitizers. Pamper yourself with hot baths and to make them more fun throw in a bath bomb or a fizzer. If you love hot baths, then visit The Lush and The Body Shop store in Inorbit mall and you are in for a treat!


And here are a few things we absolutely love about winter wonderland!

-hot chocolates/hot coffee/chai : In fact, we stop counting the number of cups during winters. The schedule goes like this morning-chai-breakfast-chai-lunch-chai-snacks-chai-dinner-chai-and some more chai.

-evenings getting darker

-scented candles

-comfort food

-salted caramel being IN SEASON

-enjoying the snugness of bonfires

-horror films



From the sound of leaves crunching beneath your foot to being cozily tucked up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate, don’t we love everything about winter?

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