The ultimate cold weather condition this year has obviously put our skin in terrible condition. There are people on hunt for the best creams to maintain their skin smooth this season. Here is the best way to give yourself a spa treatment at home! This DIY shows you the easiest way to make your own body lotion at home to protect your skin from the cold wave.

You will need:

1. 1 tbsp Johnson’s baby lotion (or another mild cream)
2. Half tbsp petroleum jelly (I have used Vaseline)
3. 1/4 tbsp almond oil or olive oil
4. 1 tsp glycerine


Method of preparation

Add all the above mentioned materials into a small cup. Take a spoon and start stirring continuously.


Continue stirring the mixture until you get an even creamy feel. (It took me about 7 minutes).


Once the paste is smooth and evenly mixed, shift the cream into any likely empty container and you’re done!


Isn’t it the easiest way to protect your skin? Go ahead and try it out for yourself!

Happy Winter!

Picture CourtesyNiharika Emmadi, 2nd year CSE.

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