Realtime Django Using Node.js and Socket.IO   Max Burstein s Blogtl;dr: It’s about the complete story of my life at KMIT and Django. Where did I use it, How did I learn? Go to the last heading to get the resources.

My Guru – Jayant Kirtane

Recently, My Python Guru(Jayant Kirtane) has called me. During the conversation we were discussing about how did I learn Django, I didn’t have a straight forward answer for that. Because after I learn something, I just forget how I’ve learnt it.

Having good lecturer is not common in india, I had the best.

Jayant Kirtane – He take’s suggestions from his students on what to teach and ranks himself than ranking students, that makes him one of the best teachers.

Where did I use django, when I was in college?

I have used Django in my college project/my personal project, It’s called Rat Notes. It’s completely open source. My external examiner appreciated me for that

Note: Rat Notes is the first collaboration notes which enables you to write the notes and share with your friends and teachers. In simple, Rat notes is GitHub for Note making.

How I impressed the external?

  1. Presentation – For what he opened his mouth wide open.
  2. Way I wrote application. Structure, Comments, The Beauty of the code. Using pythonstyling as much as possible.

How did I learn python and django?

  • Jayant Kirtane. Is my guru in computer science.
  • He told me the word “Python”, He thought me that for few days.
  • Best resource to learn python: Python – Learn python the hard way
  • Jayant gave me a hard copy of the book. Which I didn’t return but shared with a junior who wanted to learn it.
  • I didn’t read it. I just skimmed through the pages.
  • I knew how to code in C, C++ and PHP when I was learning Python.So, It was easy for me to learn python.
  • I worked on 2 or 3 PHP frameworks. So, wanted to see what was it like to work with similar framework in python.
  • There are many such frameworks. But Django is the best of all, because developer community was already using it and they are always ready to help.

Other resources.

At the time I was learning there were no proper video tutorials. But, my journey actually started by attending PyCon 2012 and Seeing the intern requirements of Helpshift(Infinitely beta back then).

Internship Requirements Were:

  • Google App Engine.
  • Django.
  • One NoSQL Database.
  • Understanding of Git and GitHub.

What experiences have taught me:

When I knew the basics of Django I dived into it, at first I was horrible in coding.

Everything comes from experience and hardwork.

I have realised quite early that writing code by following good patterns is the only way I can write better code.

Every developer must follow The Zen of Python either when you are writing in python or any other language. This will help you a lot.

Starting Point

  • Best tutorial to learn Django is always from the Django Demo Tutorial
  • Python has a huge developer community.
  • Use GitHub/Bitbucket there are many open source projects using Django.

Where can you learn python/django?

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