Indian Television is legendary. I have completed twelve years of schooling, two years of intermediate and almost three years of engineering. Things have changed drastically; technology can now be controlled by voice, we have bots to order food for us, we are surrounded and empowered by smart devices. However, the one thing that I have seen stay as still as a rock, over about… I’ve lost count of the number of years… You would’ve guessed what I’m talking about from the title of my article. The Hindi daily soaps and reality shows!

Episode after episode, season after season, the quality of the reality shows we see today maintains a relation of direct proportion with the content getting weirder and an indirect proportion with making any good sense. There’s not one moment when you can sit down, watch a show and appreciate a certain aspect about it. The entire duration of the show (if you’re able to stay through it) keeps you in awe! Questions pop in your head. You begin to wonder, “Who would’ve come up with this?”, “Where’s the ‘real’ part of this show?”, “Why is everyone arguing?” and the last question which makes you reach out to your remote, “Why am I watching this?”

There are some shows which truly live up to their objective of being a platform where people can showcase their talent. The talent hunts behind them, seem worthwhile. Then, there are some auditions which hunt controversy; these hunts successfully find people who are willing to do anything it takes to find themselves on these shows. It is more unfortunate than funny that most of these contestants form the youth of our country. In this article, I only want to talk about the funny. Most of these shows appear to be staged. My point is if you’re going to plot it, make sure it is done well. Make it entertaining and informative. We could settle for at least one of them.

While these people are desperately putting in efforts to get famous, there are some shows which are made with the sole purpose of bringing to us viewers, some facts, and I must say, very informative facts about the already famous ones. It is indeed very important to know which celebrity had developed a liking towards which co-star in 2014. There has been a tremendous amount of study in preparing a thesis on whether two actresses can or cannot remain friends. Maybe some parts of shows like these are enjoyed by a part of the audience. Besides that, there are also a lot of questionable areas. These interviews are sometimes so irrational and the fact that they make millions out of such conversations always takes me by surprise. However, it’s all fun and games until someone gets seriously offended or gets seriously trolled.

We live in a world where people are prone to influence and are eager for inspiration. The field of entertainment is a wonderful platform which can be used to express and instill thought. Televisions usually have an audience of families at home, sitting together and watching the many shows as a favorite pass time. I conclude this article with a hope that we have more shows which are unedited, not staged, spontaneous and come with a strong point to be put across to the million people watching them.

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