Every December, as the year comes to an end, we get our party hats on and welcome the next year with warmth, suspicion, or just an excuse “to make things right”. Being the horrendous year 2020 was, people could not wait to jump into 2021. Now that we are in 2021, it is pretty evident that nothing much has drastically changed. 2021 did not wipe out the mishappenings of last year. Having said that, we could maybe say that the next time we invite a year, it would be out of joy and not out of despair and misery over the year we just lived through.

Optimism is in the air in 2021 and we have taken the road leading down to a land where the virus count is few or even better, none at all, thanks to the Vaccines. Masks and Sanitizers have become our everyday friends. And I know you can relate with me when I say I get a mild panic attack every time I watch a group of people sticking together in a movie.

We are sure living through a Pandemic might have made you wonder how you would have dealt with it if you were in the 1980s or the 2000s without the Internet being our salvation. Or even, how Pandemics might have been different in the past from what they are now. If you thought what the news showed you about pandemics is all that there is, then you have to read this article about the Pandemics in the past.

 Speaking of news, let’s go International. The whole world was pretty shaken up by the news of the Riots on the United States Capitol. The riots were so much more than a President not accepting his defeat. As law-abiding citizens of the world with a set of morals packed into our brains it is important that we know why what happened at the Capitol is a disgrace to everything that is righteous in the world.

This incident got itself a name as ‘The Black Day’ in the History of the United States. Thankfully on the other side of the coin, Kamala Harris made history by being elected as the First American South-Asian Vice President of the USA. It is no surprise that she instantly became an inspiration to millions of young girls around the world. Not only because she is a Woman and is out there doing her job For the People, but any girl belonging to the minority community could stand up and say ‘I look like her’. 

 Now, if you’re into fashion and maintaining your wardrobe with clothes stacked up with the latest trends, we’re happy we have an article which could be The Perfect Fit for you.

Styling one cloth 10 ways became viral on social media during the pandemic. People got back with their long-forgotten Art practices. If you’re a proud owner of any art form that you indulged in during the pandemic, you should read this clever article on Modern “Art”.

If the articles have been getting too informative then we have a beautiful nostalgic verse The Mango Tree that takes you back to your childhood and an intriguing short-fiction Secrets of the Device for you.

To all of us who love watching football, read all about how the best trio in history came to be through the article, MSN- The Greatest Trio in History.

We’re all past the notion that cartoons are just “for kids”. There are animated TV series specifically aimed at adults – ones that kids should stay far, far away from. From “The Simpsons” to “Rick and Morty”, adult cartoons have engrossed various demographics. We have just the right article for you that answers the question Why Are Adult Cartoons A Thing? 

High School. Relationships. Drama. Tears. The Climax. True love wins the day again.

Sound familiar to any of you? A “chick-flick” is a genre of movies that seemingly has more dialogue than car chases, more relationships than special effects. There’s an unspoken cinema-rule that chick-flicks are cliché and only meant for a female audience. In the article Why ‘Chick Flicks’ Don’t Deserve The Hate read about why that’s not true at all.

Speaking of movies and shows, if you’re all cozied up on your couch and wondering about what to binge, we have reviews on three of Netflix’s biggest hits of the year: Lupin, The White Tiger and period dramas’ new it-thing, Bridgerton.

With all the ups and downs we dealt with the past year, there’s no doubt that the pandemic had taken a toll on our mental health. In the same news, scientists are exploring a way to cure depression and anxiety through Magic Mushrooms.

Have you ever wondered why humans are the only species that are capable of ending our own lives? Then read all about it in the article, Suicide – from an evolutionary perspective.

For all those of you who have lost motivation then we have a short story So Much Better Than That that could inspire you to pursue your goals and never give up. Last but not the least, we wish you better days in 2021. We hope that everybody focuses on the brighter side despite the challenging times.

Until next time, Stay Safe and Happy Reading!

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