“The New Year begins in a snow-storm of white vows”
Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all the readers out there! The time of celebration, Champagne, fireworks, joy and yeah, of course- The New Year Resolutions!
3…2….1…and BAM! We step into the new year with sparkles in our eyes and high hopes. But have you ever noticed what happens right after New Year’s eve? Certainly, people get overexcited and decide to change their behaviour and habits with which they expect themselves to become a better person and call it a “Resolution”, and do you know how they end up?
Let’s see some of the resolutions made by our friends! (Names aren’t mentioned for the sake of anonymity.)

I want to reduce taking selfies this year ‘because it’s affecting my phone memory too much. And even when I’m not around cameras, I keep pouting!
– Ariel
This year, I do have to stop stalking people on Instagram(especially the girls) because this is going out of the line. I’m spending  sleepless days and nights  just to get to know my friend’s cousin’s aunt’s daughter’s favorite band!
– Gaston
This year, I’ll teach my grandparents how to use Skype and WhatsApp, because I’ll need their blessings whenever I take tests.
– Flynn
I really have to stop using the Snapchat dog filter because all my friends are annoyed at my “Sluuurrrp” sound whenever I send it to them. Also, they started calling me “Tommy”.
– Cinderella

This year, I swear to god that I’m going to charge my phone before it goes out! I’ve lost most of my Clash of Clans’ battles due to this recklessness.
– John Smith

I’m going to stop using Hashtags for this entire year…..for no damn reason!
– Eric

I’m going to attend all the early morning sessions by Neil sir at least this year, and finally do some justice for having chosen Computer Science.
– Aurora
I’m going to get out of the friend zone this year! For sure! Well, I’ll try to, at least.
– Hans

I think I’m going to have to stop making fun of our lecturers because I need attendance to appear for the exams and for that I need to be nice to them! (Well, it’s worth a try! )
– Pinocchio
We shall submit our articles on time. May the odds be ever in our favour!
– The kMITRA team

As much as we strive to stick to our resolutions, we fail miserably!

Here are some of the most common New Year Resolution fails.

 Lose weight.
Day 1: Wake up early.Work out. Eat healthy.
Day 25: Cool! I’ve lost few pounds!
Day 1: Wake up early. Work out. Eat healthy.
Day 2: I wish they put some extra cheese on my Pizza!

 Save money.
Day 1: I’m going to save 20 bucks per day.
Day 25: I’m going to use this money for something productive.
Day 1: I’m going to save 20 bucks per day.
Day 2: Yay! There’s a 50% off on shoes! (I already have 2 pairs of shoes but who cares! IT’S A SALE!)

 Study on time.
Day 1: I’m going to finish my homework right now.
Day 7: I’m well prepared for the test tomorrow.
Day 1: I’m going to finish my homework right now.
Day 7: I’ve got 3 units, 50 questions and 50 problems to study for the test and I’m going to stay up all night as usual.

Quit smoking.
Day 1: I’m going to quit smoking.
Day 25: Great! I haven’t smoked for 25 days. I could keep going.
Day 1: I’m going to  quit smoking.
Day 2: *coughing* Honey, have you seen my cigarette pack?

However, only a small percent of the people actually follow their resolutions and the rest just feel guilty breaking them.
What’s better than breaking one? Not having one!
So, let’s do what’s best for us each and every minute and not call it a “resolution”.

“Yay! Here comes the New Year
I’m gonna’ be a better person I swear
Sleeping with no fear
no time for booze and beer.
But whom am I kidding, dear!
I’m still gonna be that lazy teddy bear, I’ve been for the past 18 years.”
May all your troubles last as long as your resolutions!

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