Trigger Warning: This article contains information about violence.

From speaking our first words to passing out from college, from crawling to standing on our own feet, family has always been there to support and guide us. They provide us with a sense of security and love us unconditionally. They are the light in the darkness and the ones we can trust blindly. Family is often considered a haven.

But, what if they turn their backs on you? This scenario may seem absurd to some people. But cases like these do prevail in many countries. The girl child is often the victim. Where men are allowed to have polygamous relationship women are not even allowed to choose their husband. Filing for a divorce, renouncing the faith and having a non-heterosexual relationship, etc. is considered a sin and as a result, their lives are taken. Even the smallest acts on their part can lead to major consequences.  

This is when honor killing comes into existence. Honor killing is a gruesome act which gives the family members a power to kill their child for being disloyal to them. Many countries still follow this tradition to discipline their children. They are ready to go to any extent. As a result, the children lose their life because they followed their heart. Most of these cases are closed off as suicide. These killings not only affect the family but the entire society. The mindset of the younger ones gets corrupted. Some of the victims are also forced into marriage.

Some of the high profile honor killing cases are:

  1. Samia Sarwar, Pakistan: Samia Sarwar was gunned down by an assassin in her chair. The assassin was brought by her mother only because this Pakistani resident wanted to divorce her abusive husband who also was her cousin.
  2. Ghazala Khan, Denmark: Ghazala Khan who’s a citizen of Denmark was severely punished after she disclosed her intimate relationship with her husband before marriage
  3. Samaira Nazir, Britan: Samaira’s case is one of the many cases where girls get killed for expressing their desire to marry someone they loved. Her brother with the help of a cousin brutally stabbed her 18 times.   
  4. Sadia Sheikh, Belgium: Sheikh was a Belgian Pakistani. She fell in love with a Belgian man and moved in with him. Since this deemed unacceptable to her family they took it upon their hands to kill her when she tried to make amends with them.
  5. Manoj and Babli Banwala, India: The victims in this case married each other disregarding their caste difference. But, the bride’s side of the family value caste much more than their daughter’s life. As a result, they killed both their daughter and son-in-law.  

These cases are not just limited to certain countries but are widespread. And as the years go by, they are dwindling. Women’s rights and the articles in favour are responsible for these changes. A day when these acts come to a stop is the day when women will feel secure in society. It will also be the start of new beginnings.

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