Halloween is coming soon and the students of KMIT are definitely excited. Since costumes need a lot of time and cost,why not save yourself the effort with Nail Art? It’s a fun and easy way to get into the spirit of Halloween (pun intended) and these designs are so easy that anyone can do them. So put on your favorite party song, gather the supplies and in 15 minutes you will have the best nails in town!

What you need :
-Nail polish (Red, Black, White)
A) Bloody Nails!
Procedure :
1)Apply a thin line of red nail polish along the edge of your nail
2)Using red nail polish and a toothpick, apply 2 or 3 big red dots approximately where you want the blood to drip.The Bigger the dots,the scarier the finished look.


3)Using a toothpick dipped in the polish, join the dots to the line above and draw two arches to join the two dots as shown in the picture
4)Fill in the missing spaces
5)That’s it!
B)Creepy crawlies
1) Using black polish, paint a circle in the middle of your nail.It does not have to look neat so don’t worry about getting the perfect circle.
2)Using a toothpick,gently draw an inverted v shape.This will make the legs of the spider.
3)Using a toothpick dipped in white nail polish,Put 2 small dots for the eyes of the spider
4)Place 2 small black dots to form the pupils using a toothpick and you are done!
Happy Halloween!

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