We, humans, are a beautiful mess. We are an entanglement of nerves and veins flowing along the river of emotions, often confused between the words of the heart and the thoughts in the brain. The heart and the brain seldom work in tandem, but memories are those which are governed by both of them.

Memories make many pieces of the puzzle called a heart, while the mind is the glue holding them together, preventing them from being forgotten. A sight, a sound, a familiar taste or even a smell, may take us away to places, feelings and moments where we left a part of us behind. Just for a moment, we may lose ourselves in moments back in time, wishing we could go back once again, just to linger in their shadows a little longer. Nostalgia is such a beautiful place to be in.

Having reminisced the many memories painting our present, on the canvas of what we call life, we often come to acknowledge the hues around us. Like those vermillion rays of the setting sun casting an amalgam of red, yellow and orange onto the blue sky, now slowly pacing into the dark night.

And, the next day, as the birds chirp at the very sight of the bright glowing orb, the world is again lit in colours. Colours, as we know, are mere perceptions of the human mind. Yet somehow, we connect with them. While a few become our favourites, others aren’t even allowed bedecking shoes!

We naive humans unknowingly associate most of these colours with the many events from our life. Our innocence associates red with either blood or love, black with either cool or doom, blue with either calm or anxiety, green with either mellow or vibrant; and hence each event of our lives becomes involuntarily associated with a colour of its own. And today, our writers celebrate it!

From the lush green tennis courts’ grass to the red soil of Mars, drown into the many worlds painted in words by our authors as we drown into this edition’s theme, ‘Nostalgia of Colours’!


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