KMIT finally had its wonderful evening on 17th February, the first major event of 2018. This was the first time KMIT Evening was entirely organized by the students. What’s so special about this year’s Evening? How was it celebrated?  Let’s see.
 The stage was placed in the top centre of the football ground with perfect height and could be clearly viewed by the audience. Speakers were set at both the sides of the stage with the perfect volume adjusted. The photographers were more in number compared to the other events. They were scattered throughout the ground and covered the entire event, not missing a single bit.
Coming to the performances, there were around ten dance performances including two solo acts. KMITians showed their versatility by performing various forms of dance.
KMIT has many musically inclined students too. There were around six mesmerizing musical performances, of which two were solo and the rest were group performances. Be it melodious singing or intense rapping, we KMITians can do it all! Acts accompanied by instruments like guitar and violin were very refreshing.
We KMITians are multitalented. Students performed stand-up-comedy, poetry, drama, mimicry, Shayari and more!
“You cannot always control what goes on out, but you can always control what goes inside by Yoga”. Supporting Yoga, KMIT is maintaining a yoga team for years. And how can it be KMIT Evening without the yoga team surprising us with their balanced and elegant poses?
Not only teaching, but KMIT encourages students to take part in various fields. Supporting their success, there was a prize distribution ceremony held for about 10 minutes commemorating the students who participated in various competitions, including sports.
KMIT was recognised and appreciated for its constant efforts in producing engineers with great skills by various companies and by Mr KTR (IT minister of Telangana).
Last, but certainly not the least, the food court which occupied the end of the football court, served scrumptious food! We enjoyed the performances whilst having delicious food, thanks to the well-thought out organisation of the event.The organizers finally occupied the stage and concluded the event with a cute performance that got a smile on our faces. They worked really hard to put up a great show. Kudos to them! And as for me, I had a great time like the rest of the students and faculty who attended the event.

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