We have stepped into another month of 2017, the last month of the semester and the last month of college for all the seniors. I’m already feeling nostalgic, and I’m going to miss college a lot. Our kMITRA team asked our fourth years how they  feel about this and what all they will miss, they also have a piece of advice for all the juniors. Check out what they have to say here.  It’s April summer has already taken it’s toll. Slip into something more comfortable and beat the heat. Don’t miss to try this sorbet recipe which will chill you out.

For all the movie buffs out there, we’ve a lot of reviews including Phillauri, Naam Shabana. We also have a review of Legion, a TV series you shouldn’t miss and a worth watching play. Interesting short stories are loved by our viewers and we definitely do not want to upset you guys, so don’t forget to read An Unfulfilled Wish. Inspiring stories are the ones which motivate me and I recommend that you definitely read the story of one such great personality Viktor. Our team has also brought an article on MOTO G5 plus review. This thought – provoking article on Cultural Linguistics is a must.

I’m going to take off now, writing this last editorial has left me heartful  🙁 . I’m going to miss writing for kMITRA and the team meetings and all the fun we have. The experience of being a part of kMITRA has been amazing and everyone should grab this opportunity. If you guys want to start contributing or have any feedback shoot out a mail to kmitemagazine@gmail.com.




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