It’s just me and him, in this beautiful “boat of destiny”. There is blue up and blue everywhere. And the ocean was dancing to the beautiful tunes played by the waves and so was life. It was the mesmerising moment I longed for, where we were madly in love with each other. Where we were together, just him and me. No one between us and he is all mine.

He came closer to me and I stepped back. I was shy and he was romantic. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. “Hey! I love you a lot” he whispered in my ears.

“I love you too” I said and blushed

Now there was no space between us. Completely lost into each other, lost in the rhythm of love, lost in our dream world. The perfect heaven moment. I lived it as much as I could, every second of it.

We were innocent and couldn’t notice the thick fog ahead. The boat was slowly sailing towards it , but we were completely lost. The fog slowly covering the space between us, he was fading and in no time I felt his hand departing from mine. I was calling out and searching for him. I struggled for a long time but he wasn’t there. Nothing was clear and I felt the distance between us increasing. I am now alone sailing in the unending blue. And the horror was yet to come. The mesmerising ocean soon turned into deadly one. Struggling to survive slowly, that storm tore me apart. I was searching for a land where I could find him and where there would be no pain, no nightmares. I was helpless and broken. Then, thoughts arose in my mind.


Why did this happen? Why was this  my destiny? Why did our ways depart? “Because some souls are meant to depart” a bolder side of me said. I convinced myself that whatever happens I have to find a way out.

So again I started the hunt for survival.

Many hurdles came my way but I tackled them.

When I broke I got up myself.

The days turned horrifying and even worse the nights.

Struggled  day and night,

But no ray of hope I could find.

My eyes were closing and my soul already dead.

In the mist I saw a hand stretching to help.

 I tried to grab it but, it slipped again and again.

At last I held the hand and at last I found the hope.

When my eyes opened I was on the sea shore and there was my best friend standing. Waiting for me. He was also separated from his mate. He also went through what I did. But, now the terror was gone and we were in the land of hope. We felt healed. We started walking towards the land and we found two paths ahead of us.

One was beckoning us towards it. It was beautiful and dreamy and the other was just a chapped road. This time I had to decide and the choice had to be wise. It was difficult to choose but I chose the chapped one. Because I knew that the other was creating an illusion and the end would be no roses but only thorns.


We walked towards that road. I turned back and could see my memories fading in the blue. I felt somewhere my long gone love would also have chosen the right path. And I buried my memories in the deep ocean of secrets.

My best friend softly said, “Let’s go, there’s nothing left behind”

I nodded and we walked ahead. I was glad that the lessons learned helped me take a bold decision. I was glad that, my best friend accompanied me. I also knew that, at some point of time he would also go another way .There were many predictions in my mind about the life ahead. I felt, maybe somewhere there would be many treasures of life unfound. I had to just go on and discover them.

“Wake up! Wake up!” I heard my sister’s voice.

The sunshine was kissing my eyes and the dream I lived broke and I was now in the reality. And the reality was “You will get late. Hurry up now, wake up you lazy!” my sister said.

I was lost in my thoughts. Why did the dream break so soon? I was going to discover that path. Then,   there were many maybes. Maybe, somewhere in that path I would find the greatest joy. Maybe, in mid of the journey our paths would intersect. Maybe they would soon or maybe they would never.

“Don’t predict the future, don’t predict about that path you fool. Break the thoughts. You will have to hurry. It’s late already.” An inner voice said.

No sooner I woke up and rushed to college. On the way to college again those thoughts arose in my mind. Is life all about choosing the right path and travelling between the paths? Is my destiny already written on those paths? But then, at least somewhere in the path there would be written “As you wish”. The path which I chose is just the beginning. I have to choose many such paths in future. Everytime I would chose the wrong path, I would grow wiser and bolder to choose the right one. After all “every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow”. Is this called growing? Is this living? Then, what is death? Yes now I know, someday there would come a dead-end.

I felt so awesome thinking about that dream. I felt I had discovered the secret of life. And at that point, I swear I felt infinite.

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