Q)  Already, 1st mid exams are over and my performance is below expectation. Keeping in view 2nd & 3rd mids and final exams, any extra classes are there for revision of the syllabus? Any concentration on the students getting low scores? Please advice.

A: As you are still in the first year – the answer might sound a little off but trust me – nobody will be satisfied in their first mids ; that’s the reason we have two more. Since the final result will be an average of the 3 mids, I think you will have to start preparing for the next mid-exam. No matter how many extra classes you attend or how many tuitions you take, in the end, self- study gives better results.So, stop worrying and start exploring the textbooks. Plus, don’t rely on all-in- ones! 😀 They might seem easy but in reality, they are lot more tough than textbooks!

BTW I think I  haven’t answered your question properly. You’ve asked whether we have extra classes, I don’t know for sure but I think we haven’t got such programs in college. I advise you to come out of the phase of Narayana and Chaitanya – the spoon-feeding mentality. Don’t rely on someone to take care of you, I hope you have outgrown that. 🙂

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