I vividly remember the summer of 2016. After a period of what I would like to call a struggle, I managed to get over with two years in a cliche corporate college. I had given my twelth-grade board exams in the month of March and the dreaded entrance exams in the month of May. If any of you reading this are about to appear for all such entrances, please remember to keep your calm. No exam is the end of the world. You will do well regardless of any scores you secure. After having survived through the race of securing a seat in a good engineering college, in the month of August, I began my journey in KMIT.

Once you’re out of a corporate college and into an engineering institution, you tend to set your expectations high. Fun, growth and freedom to pursue your passion apart from regular academics; this was what kMITRA gave me.  The idea of being a part of a student run e-magazine excited me since the very beginning. I was recruited into the team the same year and it’s been close to three and half years now. I still remember being excited to present my first article. The excitement has now transformed to nostalgia as I pen down one last article for this magazine.

Being a writer at kMITRA taught me a lot of things, perhaps some of the most essential lessons. To be a part of a team, to take the time to read and appreciate one’s hard work, to communicate better, to be able to consider someone else’s inputs and just be more responsible, are valuable lessons that I knew I would appreciate later on in life. It’s about being amidst people who think alike and people who think completely differently. There’s always something to share and always something to pick up, and that’s what I did in all our team meetings.

The tasks of trying to come up with new ideas every month, wracking our brains to come up with new and different content, attending meetings, coordinating and discussing issues, all while meeting some creative and fun people is what I would miss most about kMITRA.

It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m so glad I chose to be a part of this. Always going to be happy and grateful for kMITRA!


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