Droplets of golden sun tickle green leaflets
Dancing to the sun’s melody over the tree.
From afar it’s a natural, but a closer look reveals
that in the dew drop I see both you and me.
So much is this beauty in disguise,
I turn and see nature’s bliss in your eyes..
In the dark hours of day, the city is still abuzz.
A still photo shows roads streaked with yellow, red and white.
In wee hours, full of life, it is hesitant to cease
But the city soon surrenders to the peace of night.
Under dark blankets, the silent city lies
I turn and see the city’s persistence in your eyes..
Somewhere out there beyond my sight is vastness;
A vastness both nil and all, dark and unfathomable.
For despite the galaxies and stars that adorn the universe’s robes
Meager blue skies curtain its myriad of untold parables.
Mysterious it is, shielding what we cannot realize
I turn and the sky’s humble secrecy in your eyes..
Whether nature prances in joy or cities live in medley,
Whether lightning strikes ablaze or the skies above lye in peace,
The beauty that surrounds me I shan’t ever perceive
Unless I see and realize its reflection in me.
I turn away to look at you and from within it strikes
That I will always see the world in your eyes…

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