What’s up guys! Watcha doing?! Surfing the net,yes? That’s probably what you’re doing since you’re reading this article. Ok, just take a minute off your busy social schedule and check your weight and height – you must be having the latest gadgets to do so. Now do this :

(Mass(kg)/(height(m))^2)* 10000

Shocked to see something above 25 ? The resultant value was your body mass index(BMI).It is supposed to be between 18-25 for an healthy adult. Don’t worry if you saw something in the well acceptable range, you might not be knowing that you are thin, but still have a little something hanging out of your t-shirt? Ok! You don’t even have that? Wow! This one’s gonna blow your mind, get up from that sofa you’re on and try to jog the same spot for 15 min and jump. Whoever didn’t or weren’t able to do so (especially the ones who sleep in class), please read this:

The first thing to understand and realize is that fitness and being healthy is nothing related to the kind of body you have, or what your BMI is, or how many calories you have consumed or burnt in a day. It is about how well your body is functioning and how good your mental condition is. A person of your age should never be sleeping in the class or complain of fatigue. You should be in a condition where your muscles are telling you to run, jump and not sleep and your mind is restless to explore new things. At this age(I’m talking about 17-25),the last thing that shoots up in your mind is the thought of getting sick. Everyone is different, some are a bit bulky, some lanky , and yeah some even pranky 😛 But it is the genetics that have decided what’ build’ you are going to be. This may or may not be a stumbling block to achieve that fantastic health which is one of the fundamentals for a good life, -desired by every human being. Once you get to this state, believe me, positivity generates automatically in oneself .Mental happiness, presence of mind, decision making cum prosperity, all follow and finally comes a sense of NIRVANA!!!

Infact, an entire country’s economy depends on the health of its citizens. Back in history, diseases which affected a person’s well being were transmitted to the rival zones to slow down their economy. Many of the industrialists have shown an improvement in their companies’ performance by ensuring health incentives to their employees and the results have been well documented. Being healthy ensures you have no other issue to be concerned about than focusing on your job.

This article doesn’t intend to go about the same old things which most of us are aware of –eating, sleeping and waking up on time. Firstly, for all those who say gym sucks, I believe in natural fitness, gym is artificial etc. – once you are 18, your bones stop growing but if you force thrust and pressure training into your time table, the size of your bones will increase(build up of calcium, since your growing plates are still open ). The more the calcium in your bones, the better is your chance to fight osteoporosis and withstand blows to your body later. Second thing, eating multiple times a day increases your body metabolism and makes you slim. Don’t think that dieting will help you get thinner; it might in fact do the reverse by making you fat because your body tends to accumulate the reserves for later use. Eating more will push your cells to work harder and make them use up those reserves so that the incoming stuff can be accommodated. Third thing, a supplement is something that is to be taken when people are not able to get enough nutrition from their food. Protein supplements help to give the right protein that will further accelerate fat burning and will bind the loose flesh getting you the chiseled look you always dreamt of. Indians have a diet very poor in protein. You are supposed to get 50-60 grams of protein on average everyday but how much do you get? Fourth, maintain a time table that is right for your body. Since we cannot keep people behind us all the time(we are not superstars),it makes sense to do something that we can pull off for a long time as the throwbacks would be catastrophic if you stop it midway.

People are getting more and more aware of the importance of being fit and are trying to get a perfect healthy lifestyle which echoes in the increase in number of health related companies and also online retailers like Healthkart. This is the time to correct ourselves and do the needy so that later we are not among the ones complaining of diseases and other lifestyle disorders. Physical appearance and health play a major role in getting you recruited so don’t think twice before you start spending on your health, it pays off ! Ensure a good sleep, healthy mind, lots of friends(not the social network on your phone.) Interact with them in real life, experience the fun and become HEALTHY WEALTHY AND WISE !

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