kMITRA’s third birthday edition!


In a world where happiness is not our default emotion, where choices are a double edged blade, where there is a hidden devil in every single one of us, waiting to jump out and mark its claim. A place where… Continue Reading →

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To Death, With Love

We all have that one friend who is never invited but shows up anyway, that one friend we pretend to be okay with because everyone also is. Death, my friend, is that friend. Death, I resent you with all my… Continue Reading →

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Opinions On A Leash?

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts”- Daniel Patrick.  Is everyone entitled to their own opinion? Many a time, when someone speaks about their opinions, they tend to have a misconception about the difference… Continue Reading →

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My Inspiration

             ‘Who inspires you?’ We are all often asked this question. Many people have a role model or people they look up to in their life , whether it be a sports star, celebrity or just someone we admire. We live… Continue Reading →

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A Deed Well Done – Charity ’17

On 13th October, KMIT celebrated its 10th anniversary with a day-long fest on our beautiful green campus. Even as it evolves, KMIT’s purpose remains the same: to nurture talent and foster initiative among the youth of today. As KMIT marked 10 years,… Continue Reading →

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Editor’s Note

We turn three! Incidentally, we celebrate the biggest edition of kMITRA, with 28 articles and it also happens to be the 28th edition of the magazine! Before we get into the articles, do check out the art gallery we have,… Continue Reading →

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Celebrations in the air and celebrations everywhere!!

Time does fly by. KMIT is 10 years old already! Soon, it’ll be its 20th birthday we’ll celebrate and next the 30th and on and on it goes. No matter how many decades go by, KMIT Diwas, KMIT’s tin celebrations,… Continue Reading →

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A Letter To My Muse

Dearest M,Have you ever met someone who you desire and admire, someone who fills the empty corners of your heart? The one who crosses your path and stays with you forever?  Someone who makes you feel elated, awakens you from… Continue Reading →

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