Thakur Tanmay Raj Singh

I am a morning person who is highly influenced by monks. Yoga, chess, meditation, and traveling are the things I enjoy. I admire ancient architecture and love astronomy.

The Two Assets of Diplomats

Humans seek attention but seldom pay it. Didn’t you, at least once in your life, wait for your friends to finish speaking so that you can present your thoughts? I did — numerous times. While doing so, we not only… Continue Reading →

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Divine days of light

Growing up in India, one certainly observes that a few days in the season of autumn are different from the others. These days fill the heart with tons of exuberance. The mind, otherwise cluttered with negativity, undergoes purification by the… Continue Reading →

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Reunited by Destiny

SPOILER ALERT: The following article is an epilogue for the movie “The Breadwinner” and includes mention of a few incidents of the same. After Parvana’s father, Nurullah, was released from Pul-e-charki, a prison in Afghanistan, Parvana and her father met… Continue Reading →

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