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Sravya Vattem

Accidentally invented Penicillin. Completed 14 expeditions to South Pole. Never eaten fries. Ardent reader (this one’s true). Writing keeps me sane. Fell in love with the smell of books at age 7. Great at UNO, not so much at writing bios.

Falling Without A Parachute

The more I want to say, the less I want to speak. I should say something, but my words come off weak. I should say something, but what can I say that hasn’t been said already? I should say something,… Continue Reading →

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Winning the Productivity Race in Quarantine

When the year began with rampant bush fires in Australia, an almost-triggered-the-world-war-3 magnitude conflict between the USA and Iran, and the tragic deaths of Kobe and Gigi Bryant, people thought, just maybe, we’ve had our share of trials and tribulations… Continue Reading →

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The 10 Year Challenge: Social Media

Welcome to the new age. Thank you for choosing to be a part of the world of social media. This a free world, and all the inhabitants have the right to assume any name, real or fake. Feel free to… Continue Reading →

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His Name Was Nikola Tesla

Ever wondered who invented the remote controls? Neon lamps? Radio? Radar? Wireless communications? Built the first hydroelectric plant? His name was Nikola Tesla. Nikola’s family was based in Croatia, where he was the fourth of five children. His father, an… Continue Reading →

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Inside the Head of a Criminal Mastermind

[Trigger Warning] The following reading contains potentially distressing information about murders, violence, brutality and sadistic practices. The reader is advised to use their discretion to continue reading.   The idea of nature versus nurture is one of the most disputed… Continue Reading →

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Only a Matter of Time

There’s a famous quote that goes, “time and tide wait for none”. But what if I told you, that against common belief, time is not a constant but a relative phenomenon? Time feels like one of the only constants in… Continue Reading →

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Godspeed, Oppy.

In 2004, NASA sent two rovers to Mars as part of its MER (Mars exploration program). The entire mission was planned to last 90 days. It lasted 15 years. The Mars exploration program is a long-term initiative by NASA to… Continue Reading →

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Hello February!

Hello readers! As we settle into 2019, it’s time to look back at all the broken resolutions and slowly come to terms with the fact that a whole month has already gone by. So welcome, February! New month, new edition…. Continue Reading →

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2018 in innovation

Welcome to 2019. It’s going to be an interesting year, at least on the innovation front. The past year saw futurists watch their predictions come true much sooner than expected, with unprecedented progress and crazy new ideas. But there were… Continue Reading →

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Real Men Don’t

When a guy heads for the loo, he does so with a single purpose. Girls on the other hand, conduct gatherings, gossip sessions and exchange phone numbers. They enter as strangers and leave as best friends. Men and women are… Continue Reading →

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Revival 2.0

The finality of death has often disrupted the human notion of negotiation, simply because life is non-refundable, unexchangeable and every customer is allowed only up to one purchase. This reasoning has convinced us to perceive death as a single event… Continue Reading →

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The Big Fat Cosmic Quest

Of all the secrets of the natural world explored by humans, the ultimate is the search for dark matter, a mysterious and invisible form of matter that many scientists believe actually holds the fabric of the universe together. And from… Continue Reading →

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The Post― An Ode to Journalism

One morning, when a 7000 pages official government document classified as ‘top secret-sensitive’ reached the staff of the Washington post, amidst deciding the story for their next headlines in the newsroom, they had a tough choice to make. On the… Continue Reading →

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Choose the suitable option

Of all questions impregnated with ambiguity, one of the most baffling ones has to be the one that goes along the lines of “why are you the way you are?” and more often than not, the answer lies somewhere in… Continue Reading →

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Sankranti – harvesting crops, yield and positivity

A sharp ray of warm sunlight cuts through the darkness, ending the dominion of long, cold, wintery nights. Somewhere in between cool breezes and the rising sun, nature strikes a perfect balance as the sun begins its northward journey and… Continue Reading →

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What the world would do without Google

A one word solution to almost any possible question, if you think Google is merely what you see on your home screen, then think again. It’s more than just a company that provides a few services to make lives easier;… Continue Reading →

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Should marijuana be legalized?

The concept of therapy has stuck around for centuries. To deal with ailments and to make humans healthy and happy, drugs have always been used. But it is only in recent times that the word ‘drug’ has managed to achieve… Continue Reading →

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