Pratish Mashankar

That guy who will stay quite for hours but will never shut when spoken to. Over a cup of coffee, our conversations would range from Game of Thrones to the Mahabharata. Spirit animal: Gina Linneti, the human form of the 100 emoji.

Ghats of Varanasi

On the Ghats of Varanasi The night is dark, but the roads are bright  With fire in hearts and lanterns in sight Reflections of hope, lay floating on the river  And the stars have arrived down to Earth On the… Continue Reading →

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College, COVID and Competition

“Life started with a race.” Every person who has been a part of this ever-competitive world must have come across this phrase. Undeniably, every phase of our life was its victim and the education system hasn’t been immune to it… Continue Reading →

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Holi: A tale of colourful grey hues

“Maiyya! Radha called me black, again!” The dark-toned Krishna cried while running back to his queen mother Yashoda. “Lalla”, Yoshada smiled as she took some turmeric powder in her hand and applied it across Krishna’s arm. “See, now you are… Continue Reading →

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Pumpkins of India

Swoosh! The Fairy Godmother hath cast her spell on a big, round, juicy, orange PUMPKIN! Sala-gadoola-menchicka-boo-la bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Put ’em together and what have you got? Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo From Disney’s Cinderella to Jack-o-Lanterns of Halloween, pumpkins have never failed to amaze us…. Continue Reading →

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kMITRA Fundraiser 2019

Thank you, didi!! Thank you, bhaiyya!! Voices echoed the grounds of Vivek Vardhini Kanyashala Girls High School, as the kMITRA team bid farewell to the many bubbles of joy. In August, kMITRA, KMIT’s e-magazine had organized a fundraiser to build… Continue Reading →

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Ram, till death do us apart

“And that’s why we named you Lav”, Ram said as he kissed his son’s forehead while adjusting his bedsheet. The clock was ticking ten and Lav was slowly falling asleep after his bedtime story. Ram tucked him and his favourite… Continue Reading →

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Ugadi or You-gudi?

As the cool breeze of winter is slowly changing into the warm summer loo, the grape and orange stalls are steadily replaced by the King of fruits. Markets lingering with the smells of Himayathi, Rasiyaal, Baiganapalli, Dashahari, Kesar and the… Continue Reading →

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From the Editors’ desk

We, humans, are a beautiful mess. We are an entanglement of nerves and veins flowing along the river of emotions, often confused between the words of the heart and the thoughts in the brain. The heart and the brain seldom… Continue Reading →

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What’s Inside?

Here is a glimpse of what this edition has in store for you, as we ponder over events representing various facets of our lives and the world we see, which make us what we are, by adding colours to our… Continue Reading →

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Ashes to indigo poison

Rudra looked deep into the eyes of the descendant of the great Bhrigu. He witnessed the sap of leaves gushing down the learned one’s severed finger, as vanity overpowered his senses. Rudra knew what to do. Lo and behold! God… Continue Reading →

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Lakshmi’s Lakshya

I, a poor man, wish to have money. I, a farmer, hope for a bountiful harvest. I, a herder, wish my cattle is always satisfied. I, an artist, wish my art never fades. I, a soldier, hope for the strength… Continue Reading →

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The King of Dance

I glanced at the deer, as he jumped from one place to another. Whenever he bent forward to drink water from the lake amidst the rainforest, he looked up after each sip, keeping an eye out for a possible predator… Continue Reading →

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kMITRA 4ever

It was the year of 2014, when ideas bloomed and were nurtured, our beloved fostrer child’s journey had just begun. Who knew, our little guy would grow so fast? You guessed it right, our masterpiece, ‘kMITRA’ turns FOUR this month!… Continue Reading →

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Narayan’s Nara

I live in a house bounded by four walls. Inside of whom, exist my ideas and expressions, and outside them, there are laws and rules different from what I follow inside. Precisely, within these walls lie culture: Sanskruti (my establishment)… Continue Reading →

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