Nita Reddy

Secrets of the Device

In a place where being an Elite Student is the only thing every student desires, we Elites need to prove ourselves worthy of the title with every action we do. We were always in the spotlight. Hence, on the day… Continue Reading →

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Died to keep the dying alive

“How do you feel about this achievement? Your book is now one of the fastest-selling books!” asked one of the reporters. “I’m happy for this book’s success more than any of my other books. Because this book is not a… Continue Reading →

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Novastella’s journey to the unknown

Novastella Stardate 1012.45. Over the years, the human race not only managed to save their home but also succeeded in colonizing eight different planets. Advancing technology and their never-ending desire to explore space have resulted in the journey of Novastella…. Continue Reading →

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Glimpse of my Clairvoyance

I can feel my pulse rising. At present, I cannot recall any of my memories. I only know that I should kill to defend myself, or else I’ll die. I feel someone is controlling my mind. All I can see… Continue Reading →

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