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Happy Photographs

[Trigger Warning] The following reading contains events of death. **This is entirely a work of fiction and no distress was intended for any family/person affected by a natural disaster. “Please Ma!” Arya pleaded. “I made it to my final semester…. Continue Reading →

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A Childhood Dream

Did your 8-year-old self ever wish for that awesome Pixar movie that you watched, and you watched, then you watched again, to be real? Because I did!  I had a dream. I wished I was a car so that I… Continue Reading →

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Never there lived a man

Never there lived a man  With a name that rhymed with ‘The Man’ He was the ruler of all land Of all trees and all sparrows that lived within; Of all ocean and whales and fish and reefs; He was… Continue Reading →

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Tomorrow’s yesterday

[TRIGGER WARNING] The following article portrays drug usage, bombings and death which is potentially distressing. It’s been a year since I have seen a ray of sunlight. I sometimes forget if I finished my meals because of the drugs I… Continue Reading →

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The White Tiger – A Review

‘The White Tiger’ is a freakish story about a man with an unfortunate past and a future enjoying fortunes. This story that Ramin Bahrani, the Iranian-American director, adapted from the 2008 Booker Prize-winning best-selling debut novel by Aravind Adiga, the… Continue Reading →

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Con Art 101

“Why do the Yankees always win? The other team can’t stop looking at the pinstripes.” The famous quote by Frank William Abagnale Jr., one of the popular con-men specialized in impersonation and forgery, can definitely be taken as the basis… Continue Reading →

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The Gift

“MSS25 to command central. Timestamp- 0100 command time. MSS25 has been refuelled from Dyson sphere X2684 with zero complications. Asking for permission to initialize pinch from terminal X2684 to terminal U895. Over.” [Ship’s communication device] “Command central to MSS25. Timestamp-0100… Continue Reading →

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Quarantine and Family

The outbreak of Covid-19 has seemingly brought us into a new era. Despite a few genii arguing that a simple virus cannot alter the lives of supreme humans, yet here we are locked inside the four walls of our home… Continue Reading →

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The Legend of the humans

Do you think there will be life on Earth after we go extinct? In the far-far future, long after both humans and life as we know cease to exist, do you think there will be someone wondering about us? Imagine… Continue Reading →

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